Multiple NFL Tight Ends To Receive Giant Paydays This Offseason [Rumor]

It’s safe to say that we’re in the golden era of NFL tight ends, and numerous stars at the position are about to cement that notion this offseason.

Citing sources, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers), Zach Ertz (Philadelphia Eagles), and Austin Hooper (Atlanta Falcons) “will redefine the value of NFL tight ends,” and that players at the position are “about to see a major bump in the salaries paid to them.”

As Schefter points out, Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowler Kyle Rudolph tops all tight ends at $9.35 million for players who aren’t on their rookie contracts. Veterans Jimmy Graham (Green Bay Packers) and Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) aren’t far behind at $9 million and $8.75 million, respectively. The latter is criminally underpaid after recording his fourth straight 1,000-yard season.

Kittle, a fifth-round draft pick of the 49ers in 2017, has more than surpassed expectations up to this point. In 2018, Kittle recorded 1,377 receiving yards – the most ever for a tight end in a single season. He has 73 catches for 888 yards and four touchdowns through 12 games here in 2019.

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Ertz, a two-time Pro Bowler, recently surpassed the 800-yard mark for the fifth time in his career. He was a centerpiece of the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII championship team, and at just 29 years of age, the club has every reason to pay Ertz what he’s worth.

As for Hooper, his production has been consistent since joining the Falcons in 2016. He’s surpassed the 500-yard mark for the third straight season, and he’s in line for a career year with 61 receptions for 660 yards and six touchdowns.

There are more game-changing tight ends in today’s NFL than ever before, but Ertz and Kittle are especially in a class of their own. That will be proven once again after they agree to monstrous extensions with their respective teams – thus paving the way for other tight ends to secure lucrative deals down the road.

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