Rachel Brosnahan Is a New Mom Trying to Outmaneuver Crooks in 'I'm Your Woman' Trailer

Rachel Brosnahan plays a mother on the run in the new trailer for the upcoming crime thriller, I’m Your Woman, set to arrive December 11th on Amazon Prime Video.

Set in the Seventies, the film features Brosnahan as Jean, a new mother whose husband Eddie (Bill Heck), a professional thief, betrays his partners, which forces Jean and their baby to flee their home. Jean is put in the care of a handler named Cal (Arinzé Kene), who takes the pair to his country home where Cal, his wife Terry (Marsha Stephanie Blake), and father Art (Frankie Faison) try to prepare Jean for the turmoil bound to follow.

The trailer doesn’t offer many more plot points beyond that, but it does tease plenty of intrigue. For instance, when Art takes Jean out to the woods to teach her how to shoot a gun, he warns, “Anyone can learn to shoot, but what you really need to figure out is, what you’ll do when it’s real.”

I’m Your Woman was directed by Julia Hart, who wrote the script with Jordan Horowitz.

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