Star Wars 9: Rey parents SHOCK hidden in trailer – She’s NOT a Skywalker, it’s much bigger

Kylo Ren told Rey she was a “nobody”, an orphan abandoned by lowlife parents. Disgruntled fans were sure he was lying and that she is still secretly a Skywalker or Kenobi. But what if he is correct? What if her parents are nobodies but she is something even more incredible than a Skywalker and it would truly make her the next Chosen One? The trailer ends with Luke saying, “We’ll always be with you. No-one’s ever really gone.” And then…

Yes, that was the totally creepy sound of cackling that could only be one person.

By now, fans know that Palpatine will be back in some way. It’s still not clear if he is somehow actually alive, or will be shown in flashbacks. A bit like Luke, he could be dead but his influence still hangs over the entire nine-movie franchise.

Even more incredibly, there is a rising conviction that Palpatine is the key to Rey’s parentage.

There are already hidden clues in the Prequel Trilogy and then a major comic book release spelt everything out in shocking clarity.

In Issue 25 of the Darth Vader series, it was finally officially confirmed that Anakin was not just a mystical random creation of the Force.

Back in Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine revealed to Anakin that his own master Darth Plagueis had discovered how to create life. Fans had long seen this as confirmation Plagueis or Palpatine had used the midichlorians to create Anakin inside Shmi. 

The comic confirmed it was Palpatine. His plans, of course, ultimately backfired and Anakin/Vader killed him. But that laugh in the trailer means Palpatine is most likely still out there somewhere, somehow. And if he did it once…

Poor Rey.

If Palpatine impregnated Rey’s mother the same way, this means The Force Awakens clues and then The Last Jedi’s revelations can all still be true. It also means that frustrating mirror scene might actually have also meant Rey came from nowhere, literally from the universe.

Rey’s mother can be that drunk junk trader who selfishly abandoned her. Or perhaps, the husband always suspected the child was not his and this was why they left her behind.

This also perfectly fits the franchise’s love of repeating patterns. The universe and the Force are always trying to restore balance. It tried once (via Palpatine) with Anakin and failed. Did it try again with Rey? Even the type of mother is a repeating pattern – a poor outcast on the margins of society. 

Is Rey another immaculate conception? Is she another Chosen One?

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