The Matrix 4 Resurrections trailer tease with Keanu Reeves Neo and young Morpheus – WATCH

A trailer tease for The Matrix 4 aka The Matrix Resurrections has landed online. Warner Bros have released a teaser with the famous red and blue pills revealing the full trailer will land on Thursday at 2pm BST. But if fans follow a link to they’re in for a trailer tease.

Dependant on which pill you click on gives you different clips from the upcoming trailer for The Matrix Resurrections. 

The longest action-packed tease features Yahya-Abdul Mateen II’s rumoured young Morpheus and Keanu Reeves’ Neo. 

While other shots have given a first look at the likes of Trinity, the Sentinels and more.

According to IGN there over 180,000 different combinations of teaser shots and footage when selecting the pills on the What Is The Matrix website. 

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