10 Lyrics From Happiness Begins That Prove The Jonas Brothers Have Grown Up

A decade has passed since Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas released a studio album together as the Jonas Brothers, but on Friday the New Jersey natives broke that drought with the debut of Happiness Begins. The 14-track record features their two hit singles “Cool” and “Sucker,” and showcases the sense of maturity the musicians have gained since calling it quits as a band in 2013.

From talking more explicitly about sex to life lessons learned, the Jonas Brothers have certainly transformed into adults in the last 10 years — as have many of their fans. The evolution of their music makes sense for a crowd that has grown with them since the “Year 3000” and “S.O.S” era. All three brothers have gotten married since the June 2009 release of Lines, Vines and Trying Times, and Kevin has become a dad to daughters Valentina, 2, and Alena, 5.

Whether they’re singing to their new wife (like Joe does on “Hesitate”) or tackling mental health, these 10 Happiness Begins lyrics demonstrate just how far the Jonas Brothers have come since starring in Camp Rock and wearing coordinating boy band looks.

“It was fun when we were young and now we’re older/Those days when we were broke in California” (“Rollercoaster”)

Perhaps most literally, the three brothers acknowledge how life, their personalities and their circumstances have changed over the last decade.

“I’ve been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars” (“Sucker”)

Neither Nick nor Joe were even legally allowed into American bars when their fourth album dropped in June 2009.

“It’s closing time so leave with me again” (“Only Human”)

Implying they spent the night with a woman they met at a bar or club was quite off-brand for the JoBros during their Disney days. Since then, Joe and Nick made the most of the single life; the DNCE frontman had been linked to Camilla Belle, Ashley Greene and Gigi Hadid over the years, and the “Jealous” singer dated Olivia Culpo, Kate Hudson and Lily Collins.

“What we feel started way before we ever touched” (“Strangers”)

This would not have flown when the bros were wearing purity rings.

“Call me up and say you’re needin’ my love” (“Every Single Time”)

The Jonas Brothers didn’t do more than kissing and hugging back in the day — or at least that’s what their songs conveyed.

“Every night, every day; how about every lifetime?” (“I Believe”)

While Kevin might’ve been ready for a life-long commitment to wife Danielle in 2009, Joe and Nick have since come around and said, “I do,” too. Joe married Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner in May in a Las Vegas chapel, and Nick and actress Priyanka Chopra walked down the aisle in the first of many extravagant celebrations in December in India.

“When you love her/No matter the fight/You know she’s always right” (“Love Her”)

Marriage has seemingly taught Nick, Joe and Kevin the age-old mantra: “Happy wife, happy life.”

“Gotta learn to let the small things go/And know it’s always far from perfect” (“Love Her”)

The group also realized with age not to sweat the small stuff and that life isn’t always going to go as planned.

“Oh I feel like Post Malone/When I get home/Sitting there winning like it’s Game of Thrones” (“Cool”)

The Jonas Brothers of the late 2000s would not have wanted to align themselves with weed-loving, tatted up rapper Post Malone, or R-rated premium programming. But now, Joe is one of GoT’s biggest fans!

“They think I’m happy when I’m/Never gonna stop, never gonna calm down” (“Happy When I’m Sad”)

It takes a mature man to open up about their feelings and the trio truly expose themselves emotionally on this ode to mental health.

Happiness Begins is out now.

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