A$AP Rocky Proposes to Rihanna (via His Grills) in 'D.M.B' Video

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna rule the streets of New York City in the new video for “D.M.B.” On Thursday, Rocky released the music video for his new track — an acronym for “Dat’s My Bitch” — rapping an ode to the mother of his future son. Oh, and in one scene Rocky asks Rih to marry him using his teeth (and we don’t mean by speaking).

“She got bank accounts, too/With big amounts, shit you couldn’t count,” Rocky raps about Rihanna’s Riches. “Just pick the number that you couldn’t count to/Like an attitude, curve a n— when she didn’t have too/Around the lords like a British counsel.”

In one scene, the video shows close-ups of both stars’ teeth, bedazzled by grills with the words “Marry me?” and “I do.”

Spliced among clips of women dancing and the streets of New York, the power couple is spotted sitting on a balcony rocking furry fits and eating a meal as Rocky pours some of his drink out as a neighbor watches on.

Rocky also seems to shade Rih’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who was arrested for domestic violence when he and Rihanna were dating. “I don’t beat my bitch, I need my bitch/Shе clean my crib, she feed my friends,” he raps. “Shе keep my secret, she keep my fridge packed, my freezer lit.”

The video ends with a celebration as the couple walks down a corridor filled with friends and rose petals for a wedding celebration.

This is Rocky’s first solo release in since “Rich N— Problems” from the Judas and the Messiah soundtrack last year, but he has been featured on A$AP Mob tracks, such as “The Good Hour” with A$AP Ant and “Doja” with A$AP $not. He also appeared on Nigo’s “Arya.”

The song’s release also comes several weeks after Rocky was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon in late April.

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