Billie Eilish falls ‘on her face’ on stage in painful Coachella accident

Billie Eilish fell flat on her face during her Coachella performance on Saturday night (April 23).

The singer suffered the mishap during her headliner slot at the Californian festival.

She then addressed her awkward moment and told fans that she "ate s**t".

During the set, the 20-year-old star brought out Paramore's Hayley Williams to sing an acoustic duet of the band's song Misery Business.

However, a few tracks later, the lights lowered which pretty much plunged the stage into full-on darkness.

During this time, Billie could then be heard falling and then saying: "I just ate s**t. Ouch!’"

She then laughed and added: "You guys, I just ate a** up here."

"I’m good. I stepped on the – it was dark. Ouch! I tripped on the f***ing fire thing."

"Okay, let’s dance, huh?" she said while shaking her hand in pain.

After her next song, she referred back to her accident and told the crowd: "You guys, I seriously ate s**t. Seriously. It was pitch black. You see that square? This f***ing thing? I went 'de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de, bonk!' and fell onto my face."

The crowd then hilariously started up a chant of "f*** the square" which made Billie laugh and join in too.

One fan commented on the moment and tweeted: "'I just ate shit! … I tripped over the fkn fire thing!' Only Billie Eilish would fall on stage at Coachella and announce it to everyone even though no one saw it. Always keeping it real and I love her for it."

Other fans addressed her performance with Hayley and said: "BILLIE EILISH BROUGHT HAYLEY WILLIAMS OUT TO SING MISERY BUSINESS AT COACHELLA WTF?;)$;!"

Another added: "hayley williams and billie eilish looks good together at Coachella"

While a third gushed: "For years I’ve been asking the universe to bring Billie Eilish and Hayley Williams together and it finally happened at Coachella"

"When I tell you that 14 year old me wanted to be Hayley Williams so bad and 29 year old me now wants to be Billie Eilish so bad, I mean it. So that Coachella performance is a lot for my lil heart this Sunday AM," a fourth shared.

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