Brian Eno Collects Soundtrack Work for New Comp 'Film Music 1976-2020'

Brian Eno has collected highlights from his soundtrack work over the past 40 years — some familiar, some hard-to-find — for the producer and ambient music pioneer’s new collection Film Music 1976-2020.

The compilation is a sequel of sorts to Eno’s 1978 EP Music for Films — as well as its follow-up installments in 1983 and 1988 — and bridges his film work from 1976’s Sebastiane (“Final Sunset”) through 2020’s Stewart Brand documentary We Are As Gods.

While some of the Film Music 1976-2020 selections are well-known (Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’ “Deep Blue Day” and “An Ending (Ascent)”), others have remained unreleased for decades outside of the film itself. Among the compilation’s seven newly available tracks are “Ship in a Bottle” from Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, “Reasonable Question” from We Are As Gods and “Undersea Steps” from the nature doc Hammerhead.

Eno’s collaborations with filmmakers like David Lynch (Dune’s “Prophecy Theme”), Michelangelo Antonioni (Beyond the Clouds’ “Beach Sequence”), Derek Jarman (Jubilee’s “Dover Beach”), Michael Mann (Heat’s “Late Evening in Jersey”) and Jonathan Demme (a cover of “You Don’t Miss Your Water” from Married to the Mob) are also included.

Film Music 1976-2020 is available to preorder now ahead of the collection’s digital release on November 13th and physical release on January 22nd, 2021. In recent months, the producer reunited with his brother Roger Eno for their Mixing Colour LP, while Brian also released his 2018 Rams score on vinyl for the first time as part of the first of 2020’s Record Store Days.

Film Music 1976-2020 Tracklist

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