CBS’ Gayle King sparks anger after questioning on live TV how Prince Philip died

CBS' Gayle King has come under criticism after she questioned the reason for Prince Philip's death live on air.

The CBS This Morning co-host was both slammed and mocked after asking if the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh had died of "natural causes".

After the news broke live on air King spoke with CBS correspondent Charles D'Agata to discuss the morning's top story, reports the Mirror.

However she was accused of being disrespectful in her response to the sensitive subject of Prince Philip's death.

She said: "He was at the hospital and when he was released people were feeling really good, they were thinking he was getting better.

"I know when you're 99 you never know how much longer you're going to have but people are feeling pretty good when he left the hospital.

"Have you heard anything about exactly what happened? Was it just natural causes?"

Charles replied: "I think we all have a sense of relief when a person as old as he is goes to the hospital and then spends about a month and undergoes a heart procedure you're not thinking it's going to turn out great.

"We were all pleasantly surprised when he left. In terms of whether they knew he was nearing the end, we don't know."

With emotions high some viewers turned to Twitter to vent their anger over what they saw.

One viewer wrote: "Why would Gayle think it might not be death by natural causes? He died 'peacefully this morning' at home after a long hospitalisation at 99."

Another questioned: "She just asked what caused Prince Philip to die, as he was 99 years old. My guess it wasn't a tragic football accident."

Gayle King, who is friends with Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey, has already come under fire in some circles after revealing details of a phone call between Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family.

She claimed that a conversation between Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles was "not productive" following the dramatic Oprah interview on CBS.

The death of the Duke of Edinburgh was confirmed around midday on Friday with a statement placed on a plaque outside Buckingham Palace.

In the statement the Queen spoke of her "deep sorrow" after losing her "beloved husband."

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