Ed Sheeran Is Releasing a New Album — and Soon!

Surprise! Ed Sheeran is coming out with a new album — but there’s a twist.

On Thursday, the 28-year-old singer announced that his newest record, No.6 Collaborations Project, will be released this summer, on July 12. The best part? Every song on the album is a collaboration with numerous guest musicians, from Justin Bieber to Chance the Rapper.

“Before I was signed in 2011, I made an EP called No.5 Collaborations Project,” Sheeran wrote on Instagram alongside a tracklist for the new album. “Since then, I’ve always wanted to do another, so I started No.6 on my laptop when I was on tour last year.”

“I’m a huge fan of all the artists I’ve collaborated with and it’s been a lot of fun to make,” he continued. “No.6 Collaborations Project will be out everywhere on 12 July.”

Along with his album announcement, Sheeran also revealed that one of the songs from the album, “Cross Me,” will be released Thursday at midnight.

“[The album] is available to pre-order from midnight tonight local time and my song with @chancetherapper and @pnbrock will be out everywhere at the same time,” he wrote.

For now, Sheeran is keeping the other guest stars on his new project a mystery, blacking out their names on the track list.

Sheeran had previously released one of the tracks from No.6 Collaborations Project.

On May 10, he and Bieber dropped “I Don’t Care,” a song about not fitting in but not caring when you’re with your “baby” that was produced by Max Martin, Shellback and FRED.

While it appears the singers are paying tribute to the ladies in their lives — Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin and Sheeran’s fiancée Cherry Seaborn — Bieber also speaks out on his mental health struggles.

“I’m crippled with anxiety/But I’m told it’s where we’re s’posed to be/You know what?/ It’s kinda crazy ’cause I really don’t mind/And you make it better like that,” Bieber sings.

On Friday, Bieber and Sheeran released the music video for “I Don’t Care,” which saw the duo traveling throughout the world and outer space via green screen.

No.6 Collaborations Project will mark the first new album from Sheeran since his 2017 Grammy-winning album ÷.

÷ followed his previous two albums, also named after mathematical symbols: 2014’s and 2011’s +.

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