Elvis and Lisa Marie pranked his fans outside Graceland: Priscilla shares memories WATCH

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This week marked what would have been Elvis Presley’s 87th birthday some 45 years after the star’s death at just 42-years-old. Fans gathered outside Graceland yesterday for a special proclamation ceremony and cake cutting, as his ex-wife Priscilla Presley gave a heartfelt speech. At first, the 76-year-old admitted her concern no one would show up due to the weather but said she could rely on The King’s devoted followers.

Priscilla said: “I am so surprised by how many people are here. I was a nervous wreck. I was on the plane going, ‘What if nobody shows up? I know how cold it is!’ But I know that Elvis fans will always show up. So thank you, thank you so much.”

Elvis’ wife from 1967-1973 went on to share how The King would prank his fans when he was home at Graceland and they were waiting for a glimpse of him from outside the mansion’s gates.

The 76-year-old enthused: “To see him tease the fans! He’d come out, wave and then pretend he’d go back in the house. And then he’d start to go out the gate again.”

She added that he would then repeat this a couple of times, saying: “He loved to tease them.”

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