Elvis Presley affair: Ann-Margret REFUSED to discuss King’s death

Elvis Presley was known first and foremost for his exceptional singing and songwriting, but he was also a popular actor as well. After shooting 13 movies, he signed on to film Viva Las Vegas opposite Ann-Margret. It is now known that the pair engaged in a passionate affair while they worked together. After about a year, the co-stars split up, prompting Elvis to return to his fiancée Priscilla Presley, and get married.

Ann-Margret and Elvis remained close friends for the remainder of his life, all the way until his death.

However, despite the support of close friends and family, the later years of Elvis’ life were reportedly overshadowed with drinking and substance abuse.

This eventually contributed to his cardiac arrest on August 16, 1977, at his home in Graceland.

Since his death, Ann-Marget has rarely spoken out about him – apart from during a portion of her autobiography, My Story.

The Oscar-nominated actor was interviewed by talk show host Larry King in 2001, where she discussed her career, and Elvis.

When Larry brought Elvis up, Ann-Margret simply responded: “He was terrific. He was just terrific. And he had such great talent that he never had a chance to show.

“I think he would have been a wonderful dramatic actor, yes.”

Speaking about losing him, and how he created such an impact on the showbiz industry, Ann-Margret went on: “He’s not really gone. I mean he’s also in our hearts, and you always hear in your mind.”

Ann-Margret continued: “[He is] in everyone’s heart. I mean, look what he did with the industry. He was a great talent.”

The interview took a turn, however, when Larry asked the Bye Bye Birdie star if she was “shocked that [Elvis] let himself go the way he did,” referring to his substance abuse, and subsequent death.

Ann-Margret replied: “I’m not going to talk about it.”

To which Larry commented that this was obviously a “deep loss” for her, prompting Ann-Margret to reply: “Yes”.

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This wasn’t the only time Ann-Margret refused to answer questions about her late lover.

The actor told Roger Ebert in an interview she didn’t want to be involved with the Elvis biography being written by Albert Goldman.

When the biography was released it claimed the King was a “plagiarist” and painted him as “nearly insane”.

Speaking to Ebert, Ann-Margret revealed: “I absolutely refuse to discuss the subject.”

When urged to continue by her interviewer, Ann-Margret continued: “I find that book disgusting. I don’t have a single thing to say.”

She went on to add: “Goldman asked to interview me, but I turned him down, because I knew the kinds of things he was going to write about Elvis.”

It’s no surprise Ann-Margret and Elvis were so close, as member of the Memphis Mafia claimed she was the “female version of Elvis” because they were so alike.

One of Elvis’ entourage even went on to say he had “hoped” Elvis would end up with her, rather than Priscilla.

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