Elvis Presley girlfriend Connie: ‘The King was afraid of large crowds’

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When Elvis Presley returned from Germany after being drafted into the US Army he was looking to party. The young singer was interested in a number of girls over the following years, one of which was American actor and singer Connie Stevens. Connie was filming her TV show Hawaiian Eye when she received a call from Elvis out of nowhere, asking her out on a date.

Connie explained how she had never met Elvis before, but he knew all about her.

The singer had somehow learned of her and was eager to kickstart a relationship.

When they eventually went out together, Connie says, they went on relatively normal dates.

But these dates weren’t an easy thing for Elvis to embark on, she revealed.

Connie said: “I know this is gonna sound very strange but he was afraid of a large crowd being there by himself.”

Connie continued: “So we finally went, he listened to me long enough. And we went to Graumans Chinese, and I thought, I’ll never put this guy through this again. I remember [Elvis’ road manager] Joe [Esposito] giving him some money in his pocket. And he was nervous as hell.”

Elvis suited up and wore his favourite cap to the date, but his nerves continued throughout the entirety of the evening, including when their car ran out of gas.

When this happened Connie described the King as “panic-stricken”.

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Connie continued: “I says: ‘Don’t worry, we’ll push this car.’ We pushed the car into the gas station. And we went to see… we missed the beginning of the picture [film]. Cause there were too many people who recognised him going in. We missed the end of the picture.”

She then revealed their car had been broken into during their time in the movie.

The actor said: “Sure enough, we got out, we got into the car and we were going home, laughing about the whole night and everything and he went to reach for his favourite cap and it was gone.

“So it was typical of, you know, people wanting a piece of him all the time. And those of us who didn’t want a piece of him, we wanted a part of his heart, you know, a part of him.”

Connie then revealed that she saw Elvis frequently for the next “two years”.

Although their relationship lasted quite a while, she did deny ever being with him to the press.

She said: “I never spoke about him. I denied it. So that I think it gave him a comfort level.”

After breaking up with Elvis, she got married in 1963 to American film and TV star James Stacy.

After splitting with her husband in 1966, Connie married American singer and actor Eddie Fisher in 1967.

She later divorced Eddie in 1969.

When Connie learned Elvis had passed away in 1977 she admitted she “cried really hard” over the loss of her once lover.  


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