Freddie Mercury mocked David Bowie’s album on his death bed, says Elton John

Elton John has revealed Queen legend Freddie Mercury refused to let his deteriorating health take away his sense of humour.

Writing in his autobiography, Me: Elton John, the Rocket Man singer explains how he heartbreakingly watched Freddie crumble in the weeks leading to his dead in 1991.

Elton, 72, said: "He was too frail to get out of bed, he was losing his sight, his body was covered in Karposi’s sarcoma lesions, and yet he was still definitely Freddie, gossiping away, completely outrageous.

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"(Freddie would say) ‘Have you heard Mrs Bowie’s new record, dear? What does she think she’s doing?'"

The superstar added: "I couldn’t work out whether he didn’t realise how close to death he was or if he knew perfectly well but was determined not to let what was happening to him stop him being himself.

"Either way I thought he was incredible."

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Freddie died after contracting HIV which then developed into AIDS.

At the time, there was no medication to stop HIV developing into AIDS and ultimately killing the patent.

Since Freddie's death, Elton has raised millions of pounds to help the fight against the virus.

In 1992, the singer launched the Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised over $450 million to date.

Freddie kept his illness a secret until just weeks before his death.

Speaking in 2013, his Queen bandmate Brian May told the Telegraph: "Freddie wanted his life to be as normal as possible.

"He obviously was in a lot of pain and discomfort.He was pursued by the press and curious people.

"He just wanted peace and quiet, to be able to get on with what he did."

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