Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Reveals He’s in Marriage Counseling After Reconciling with Wife

Dan Reynolds is focusing on his family.

After announcing he and his wife Aja Volkman separated last year, the Imagine Dragons frontman, 31, revealed in January that they have reconciled.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, the rocker opened up about the steps taken to repair their marriage.

“I walked into relationships with this false notion that if it’s not all perfect and there’s arguments, then maybe you’re not with the right person. That’s just not the way it works,” says Reynolds, who on June 29 will host his third annual LoveLoud music festival in West Valley City, Utah, which support LGBTQ youth and rallies for acceptance.

The “Believer” singer wed Volkman in 2011. The pair share three daughters — Arrow, 5, and 2-year-old twins Gia and Coco — and will welcome their first son in the fall.

“No relationship is perfect. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s okay; sometimes people separate for a little bit and they end up deciding to get back together and that’s okay,” he says. “We have this obsession with perfection right now. I think that’s really dangerous because then everybody has false expectations and hopes for this beautiful, perfect marriage or life partner, and it’s just going to be perfect — and that’s just not the case.”

Since separating last year, Reynolds and Volkman have been working on their relationship — including through therapy — to get to a healthy place today.

“We’ve been going through marriage counseling and putting in a lot of work to keep our family strong,” says Reynolds.

The Grammy winner adds: “Fortunately for us, we worked through it. If that hadn’t have been the case for us, there’s many people before us who paved that route and still raised great kids together or go on to be friends, or whatever it is. Relationships are complex.”

Now, as Reynolds and Volkman prepare to expand their family, the rock star father is preparing to take a break from work.

“We weren’t even planning on this, so I think we’re pretty overwhelmed to have four kids but we’re excited. We’re up for the journey and the task and it’s a joy and we feel blessed to be able to bring another life into our family unit,” Reynolds says. “But with that comes a lot of responsibility and so I’m looking to definitely take some time off the road.”

So, are their daughters as excited for a little brother as Mom and Dad?

“No, they’re not,” Reynolds says with a laugh. “When I told my oldest, she got a little teary­-eyed and was like, ‘I don’t want to have a boy in our family.’ I’m excited to have a little boy —  but I don’t blame her. I was raised in a house of eight boys and one girl; I’ve had enough testosterone around me to last a lifetime!”

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