Inside Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling’s £1m home which includes private pub

Love Island stars Laura Whitmore, 35, and Iain Stirling, 32, live in a stunning £1million home which even features their own private pub in the garden.

The loved-up couple – who announced they are expecting their first child together – live in their London home together, which seems to be the perfect place to raise their growing family.

And while Laura will now be swearing off alcohol, comedian Iain will still be able to enjoy a tipple – despite London now being in Tier 3 – in their garden pub.

The pub – called The Snug – is a converted shed complete with a real bar and red velvet stools, as well as a tartan bench.

The back wall – decorated with elaborate wallpaper – is lined with glasses of all sizes and shelves full of spirits, meaning their home would definitely be the party place – if households mixing inside was allowed, of course.

And if their guests aren't in the mood for spirits or a cocktail, the duo even have a working Guinness pump installed.

There are orange drink mats on the back bench making the miniature pub look just like their local, just at home.

The Snug is brightly lit with lamps lining the walls and overhead lights with retro-looking glass dome lampshades.

Celebrity Juice star Laura and her man are no strangers to hosting a party, as they have shared photos of themselves with friends in The Snug.

The garden is nice and private with plenty of greenery and eating spaces too, which they're sure to have made use of during the summer lockdown.

Inside their home, it seems Laura and Iain have somewhat of a minimalist style, with simple off-white walls and wooden floors.

Their lounge features large bay windows which take up much of the front wall, though the lower level panes are frosted to allow for extra privacy away from the busy street outside.

They've got a huge L-shaped grey sofa perfect for laying out in front of the sofa and watching the latest television – especially if they return for future series of Celebrity Gogglebox.

And it seems they spend plenty of time sat there, as each arm has a wooden tray hooked on which means they can comfortably sit with their cuppas – or cocktails – while they enjoy the latest series.

Guests don't have to worry about having nowhere to sit though, as the front room also homes a plush teal armchair, with plenty of cushions on for extra comfort.

Despite having a minimalist style, Laura and Iain have elements of their work lives decorating the living room.

A large stage light is situated by the sofa, while a light-up stage door sign sits on the floor next to an acoustic guitar.

They have a big flat-screen television on a glass cabinet next to a large black fireplace, which is decorated with a statue of a sitting buddha and seasonal items too.

Elsewhere, their home's walls are lined with vintage style wallpaper and plenty of shelves, on which stacks of book stand, as well as other items – including an MTV award and personal photos.

The expectant parents have a large dining room table where they eat their meals, naturally, with them often sharing snaps of their candlelit dinners together.

The home even features a makeshift studio for Laura to present her radio shows, with a flamboyant pink wallpaper on the feature wall.

And the bath even has a built-in television screen so Laura and Iain can fully rewind with some bubbles – and ice cream, it seems.

The front of the house features an grey door with ornate stained-glass insets to add some extra flair.

And it seems they're the festive type, as they have shared photos of the door all decked out in autumnal flowers and foliage, and a Halloween pumpkin lamp too.

Laura has also posed in front of the door but with a traditional Christmas wreath hanging from it too.

On Wednesday, Laura and Iain announced they were expecting their first child with a sweet photo of a baby-grow.

The duo are also reported to have got married in secret in Dublin, but Laura tweeted something which may throw doubt on the rumours.

She said: "Little thought of the day… If and when I ever have personal news I want to share, I will be the one to share it."

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