Inside Peter Andre’s health scare – devastation, missing work and Covid test

Peter Andre had everyone worried after announcing to fans that he had been the "most ill he's been in the past three years."

The 48-year-old singer had become so unwell that he had to throw in the towel for his performance in Grease the musical at the Opera House in Manchester.

Matters were made worse when Peters manager told the Mysterious Girl hitmaker that he should remain at home to avoid his symptoms spreading to his co-stars.

His teenaged daughter Princess, 13, who he shares with ex-wife Katie Price, even ordered her dad to take a Covid-19 PCR test after she was fearful he'd been struck down with the virus again, however, Peter's result came back negative.

Here Daily Star explores Peter Andre's mysterious health battle.


Last week, during an Instagram live Peter was uncontrollably coughing while speaking to fans.

He said: "I'm supposed to be going to Manchester to do Grease but I'm so sick, I don't know what to do."

Princess asked: "When are you meant to go?"

Peter replied: "Now, but I'm so sick."

Now concerned for her father, Princess asked: "How are you meant to do it like that? You're going to be coughing."

Not wanting to let those who had purchased tickets down, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker pondered over his appearance.

"But people have bought tickets. I know… I'm pretty bad," he told Princess.

The reality star, who is double vaccinated and has suffered from Covid-19 before, relayed some of his symptoms to his daughter.

"I actually think it's flu, that's what I think I've got. I'm aching and everything.

"I'm double vaccinated," he added.

Wanting to know how bad he felt, Princess went on to ask if this is the "worst" he has ever felt.

"I haven't felt like this for two or three years," replied the dad-of-four.

Pete's manager instructs him to stay home

Carl Machin could also be heard on the same Instagram feed telling Peter he "looked ill" and offering up some sound advice.

He told the singer: "I know what you're saying and I applaud you for it but one you look ill, two you sound awful and three you have to sing live vocals.

"And also you're going to be close to cast members, you've got to think how you'd feel if you gave two or three cast members what you've got and they have to have time off."

Again Peter moaned: "But people have bought tickets, I don't want to let them down."

Missing Junior's music launch

After a few days had past, doting dad Peter still hadn't bounced back, leaving him no choice but to drop out of his 16-year-old son Junior's debut single launch.

The teen has followed in his dad's footsteps and landed himself a record deal this year.

Taking to social media to share a teaser clip of his new music he wrote: "Tonight I will be going live at 7pm and I'll be playing you some of my new music that no one has heard.

"So if you tune into my live you'll be the first to hear my new music."

Not one to miss out on the action – especially when it comes to his children – Peter showcased his devastation while offering up support in spirit.

"Good luck tonight son. Sorry, I can't be with you but show 'em what you've got," he wrote beneath the post.

Covid results

The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! star had now been under the weather for an entire week. Ruling out the possibility of contracting coronavirus for a second time, Peter took a test only for the results to be negative.

While the cause of his sickness is still unknown this proved to be great news for the TV star who could get back to work without needing to isolate.

A source told the Sun newspaper: "Pete's over the moon his Covid results came back negative and he was able to get back on stage.

"He's hated not being able to perform for his fans but the entertainment industry has to be super careful about testing and keeping the cast and crew safe.

"It's been a tough few days but Pete's thrilled he didn't have it. He couldn't wait to get back to work and is feeling much better now."

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