Jamie Oliver worried Covid pandemic will leave Brits eating ‘s**t on a tray’

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is worried that Britain could end up with towns packed with fast food joints and cheap processed food eateries serving “sh*t on a tray.”’

Concerned Jamie fears consumers could be served most of their food by companies “who don’t care” what they serve up.

The Naked Chef reckons the coronavirus pandemic will decimate both high end and family run restaurant businesses.

Jamie, whose own Italian chain collapsed, believes eateries with skilled chefs, unique menus and properly cooked dishes, will lose out to ‘unfair competition’ from cheaper fast food chains.

The campaigner, who pushed for healthier school meals for kids, hopes the government will step in to rescue ‘bruised’ restaurateurs.

He said: “I think the tough thing for, particularly the restaurant industry, is that the pressure is on the people who care.

So when I say, ‘the people who care,’ these are like chefs, craftspeople, artisans. The pressure is on them, because there’s not an easy pound or dollar to be made, right?

“ There’s less pressure on people who serve sh** on a tray, because that stuff lasts longer, it preserves longer, it can sit in a freezer on a shelf.

“Literally, you can put it through anything and it’ll still be there ready to be re-heated. It doesn’t require training, apprenticeships, it doesn’t require anything, really.

“So there’s an unfair competition between the people who care and the people who just sell stuff.”

He added: “The reality is that perfectly healthy businesses pre-Covid that are perfectly genius, and well thought of, and loved, that were running tight ships and employing lots of people, ticking all of the boxes, that are dying.

“I’d like to think that the industry’s resilient and will bounce back, but it will be battered and it will be bruised and it will need help from the government somehow.

“Just like music and the arts, right? There’s a whole other world in music and the arts that are going through exactly the same thing.”

Oliver spoke to Sirius XMCBC.

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