Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Going to Therapy in Her 30s and Learning to Love Herself

Jennifer Lopez's journey toward self-love took until her late 30s. 

The "Let's Get Loud" singer discussed how therapy taught her about the topic in the debut episode of Coach Conversations with Jay Shetty.

The host noted that people don't have classes for the heart or emotions as children, and Lopez said, "They should have a whole school for that."

"I always say, why don't they teach kids from a very young age to love themselves. Or a course, or something!" the mom to twins Maximillian and Emme, 12, added.

"I remember when I was going through therapy, in the beginning, kind of in my late 30s, and there was a lot of talk about loving yourself," Lopez recalled. 

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The singer continued, "And I was like, 'I love myself.' But obviously, I was doing all these things like my personal relationships didn't seem like I was loving myself."

Lopez was previously married to Ojani Noa, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony, with whom she shares Maximillian and Emme. She also had several high-profile relationships with Diddy, Ben Affleck and more before she got engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

"I didn't even understand the concept of [self-love]," she admitted. "It took time and it's a journey and it's still a journey for me."

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"And the most important thing is you have to listen to yourself, and the words that you tell yourself," Lopez said. "What you say and what you think — and I tell this to my kids all the time — becomes your reality."

The Hustlers star previously opened about her self-love journey in the 2019 PEOPLE of the Year issue. 

"One of my biggest fears growing up was being alone," she admitted. "I did get into relationships, sometimes the wrong ones for the wrong reasons because I didn't like being alone."

Lopez continued, "Now that [fear] is gone, and I'm okay on my own. That was a big journey for me."

Letting go of that fear is also what she believed led her to her relationship with Rodriguez, 45. 

"We continue to do the work, he continues to work on himself, I continue to work on myself and we work together," she said.

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