Jennifer Lopez Reveals She and Fiancé Alex Rodriguez 'Did Therapy': It 'Was Really Helpful'

It's always good to ask for help!

In an interview for Allure's March cover story, Jennifer Lopez opened up about her relationship to fiancé Alex Rodriguez and the fact that the two got couples' counseling during the pandemic.

"I miss being creative and running on 150," Lopez, 51, said. "But Alex, of all people, was like, 'I love it. I love being at home. I love doing my Zooms. I love knowing the kids are there, and you're there all the time.' It has been actually really good."

"We got to work on ourselves. We did therapy," she explained. "I think it was really helpful for us in our relationship."

The singer — who shared she was proud to perform at President Joe Biden's inauguration last month — spoke about the couple's wedding planning and how they wanted to have their ceremony "overseas."

"It was a big deal," she said. "We had been planning for months and months and months, and it was overseas… Maybe that wasn't the right time. You start thinking of all of these things — how everything has its kind of perfect, divine moment."

The singer also opened up about attending protests against police brutality and racial injustice over the summer, recounting how her son Max, 12, encouraged her to go out and protest.

Back in June, Lopez and Rodriguez attended a demonstration in Los Angeles. Both stars, while wearing masks, marched in massive crowds and held up signs that read "Black Lives Matter" and "Let's Get Loud for Black Lives Matter," signs their kids helped them make. 

"The whole thing that was happening with police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, Latinos at the border — you feel like you had to contribute," she said. "I remember my son coming to me and saying, 'You know, Mom, some of my YouTubers tell us what we should do, and I listen to them. You have a lot of people that feel that way about you.' It was his way of saying that I should do something. He probably heard me complaining about what was happening in the world. I said, 'I want you guys to make me the signs because Mommy wants to get out there too.'"

"I'm not used to being in big crowds like that — I'm always on the stage. [My life is] car to back door to security to this to that. It was scary," she added. "I got a little anxiety, like, 'How do you get out of the crowd? Once I got [into it], to be in the masses like that, I loved it. Like, 'Wow, there's a movement happening.'"

The new interview comes days after the couple attended Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Last month, the singer talked to Elle about the couple having to postpone their wedding.

"We postponed the wedding twice. We had planned what we really, really wanted to do, [but] I don't know if we'll be able to re-create that," the "In the Morning" singer said. "We canceled it, and since then we haven't really talked about it. There's no rush. We want to do it right when we can do it."

"We just have to wait to see where the world lands," Lopez added to Elle.

Rodriguez and Lopez have been together since early 2017. They got engaged in March 2019.

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