Jennifer Lopez Tears Up as She Says 'We Lost Too Many' in 2020 During New Year's Eve Performance

Jennifer Lopez became emotional onstage as she remembered the lives lost this year from the coronavirus.

While performing live from Times Square during ABC's New Year's Rockin Eve, the singer, 51, took a break after performing her newest single "In The Morning" to reflect on 2020.

She said, "2020 is almost over. We made it. We made it."

We’ve got to think about the beginning of this year, being at one of the biggest performances of my life," she added, referring to her Super Bowl halftime performance alongside Shakira. "Thousands of people. But tonight we’re doing things a little differently. That’s okay."

"If this year taught us anything, it taught us to be grateful for what we do have — to cherish every moment," she said before tears began to well up in her eyes. "We lost too many. Too many."

After the camera panned to her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, who was watching the performance, the singer then referred to her hit song "Dance Again," saying, "So tonight we’re going to live, we’re going to love and we’re going to dance again. And we’re going to keep on dreaming. Twenty years ago, I sang this song, and we never needed it more than tonight."

The singer then began to perform her '90s hit "Waiting For Tonight" before transitioning into an electric rendition of Aerosmith's "Dream On." The singer finished her performance and the three-song medley with her hit "Dance Again."

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Following her performance, the singer reflected on an ad she filmed in a New York subway the night before.

"Last night was so surreal!!!! I was riding the 6 and S trains to Times Square for a lil video we did for the show tonight," she tweeted. "The whole train had all the #JLOBEAUTY posters … and I was overwhelmed thinking about that lil girl who used to read magazines on that very same train!!"

"It was a moment where I felt so incredibly grateful for this journey and all of you!!" she added in a second tweet. "I know this year was one of the toughest ever … but dream on … dreams happen every day I cannot wait for all the possibilities and opportunities that await us in 2020."

Earlier this week, the singer teased her performance to PEOPLE as she spoke about looking forward to the new year.

"It has been a difficult year for so many and we are hoping we can all start the new one with a positive and hopeful outlook," she said.

"Since most of us are staying in this year for the celebration, we still need some good energy and entertainment to dance the night away at home," she added. "I am looking forward to hopefully being on the road again and reconnecting with my fans. I have missed them so much! Ready for 2021."

Lopez then referred to the silver lining of this year: "the quality time that I spend with Alex and our children. We would not have had that opportunity under normal circumstances."

ABC's New Years Rockin' Eve also featured performances by Cyndi Lauper, Billy Porter, Miley Cyrus and Nelly, among others. The network also featured an interview with President-elect Joe Biden and future first lady, wife Dr. Jill Biden.

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