Jeremy Clarkson praises ‘ageless’ girlfriend and says he’s ‘never been happier’

Outspoken former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson has revealed his softer side by talking about his happiness with girlfriend Lisa Hogan.

TV presenter Jezza said they have a “lovely, lovely time” together.

There was already some very public evidence of this – the couple were recently spotted smooching in the street.

The pair feature in new TV show Clarkson’s Farm, which follows his attempt to run a farm.

In a new interview, he described Lisa as “ageless” and joked she “looks about 12”. He added: “I get older and older and it makes people go ‘oh, that’s a bit weird’.

“But we are age and height appropriate, and we have a lovely, lovely time together on that farm, we really do.”

Jeremy, 61, is 6ft 5in while Lisa, who is thought to be 51, is 6ft 2in.

Jezza added: “Lisa and I were at the lambing parlour and they had just been born and it had gone pretty well. We were sitting there with a bottle of rosé and it was a beautiful evening, and I thought ‘I’ve never been happier at work than this’.”

Speaking on the Andy Jaye show on talkRADIO, Jeremy added: “She describes me as chaotic and brilliant in the show but she normally calls me a lot worse than that.

“Lisa’s role in the programme is really to roll her eyes at me.”

The couple were pictured sharing a kiss in Central London after an event to launch the new Amazon Prime Video series.

The Grand Tour host Jeremy got divorced for the second time in 2014.

The Andy Jaye show is on talkRADIO today at 4pm.

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