K-Pop Star Sunmi Says She's 'LGBT' During Amsterdam Concert: 'I Have Many Different Sides of Me'

Fans are applauding K-pop star Sunmi after initially believing she opened up about her sexual identity.

While on stage in Amsterdam on Tuesday night as a part of her Warning tour, the singer, 27, revealed, “I have many different sides of me,” in a video captured by a fan on Twitter.

She went on to explain that being “dorky” is one of her traits as well as “LGBT.”

The crowd promptly erupted in cheers and screams upon hearing Sunmi’s apparent admission.

Sunmi further explained herself, saying, “There are sides of me that I know very well, like just like the one I just said and sometimes there are times when I don’t know myself.”

A plethora of fans expressed their excitement over Sunmi’s announcement on Twitter, with one person writing, “Y’all don’t understand how impactful this is like, Sunmi just came out in a practically homophobic industry.”

“Sunmi rly said she’s LGBT I’m gonna cry. Happy MF pride month gays,” another user tweeted.

“Sunmi SAID SHE IS LGBT OMG YALL ANOTHER WINS FOR THE GAYS!!! Happy Pride Month everyone,” a different fan wrote.

The moment eventually went viral, prompting Sunmi to clarify what she meant.

In response, she wrote, “Haha I was saying, ‘I have so many different sides of me like dorky and LGBT queen…’”

“Yeah, I support LGBT but don’t get me wrong guys,” she added, seemingly implying that her initial comments meant that she’s an ally of the LGBTQ community.

Nonetheless, her fans are still standing by her.

“Just the fact that you support us means the world to us, thank you so so much miya,” one fan wrote back.

“Regardless your support towards the LGBT community is still admirable. Love you,” another fan expressed.

Sunmi, who went solo in 2017 following the disbandment of the group Wonder Girls, previously spoke about finding herself and her “own color” during an interview with Billboard.

“I didn’t know who I was because I had started promoting when I was very young. I was running at full speed at a time when I didn’t even know what I was good at. So I started to ‘fan girl’ over myself,” Sunmi told Billboard.

“I can cringe, I can cry, I can get angry, I can curse. Freedom to express all of these feelings,” Sunmi said. “Once I knew myself very well, it started to all flow forward.”

Sunmi is scheduled to perform in Paris, France on Friday, June 7.

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