Kerry Katona defends OnlyFans site as she makes ‘well over £1m’ in under a year

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Kerry Katona has defended her use of the over 18 image sharing platform in a candid chat with Daily Star.

Ex-Atomic Kitten singer and I’m A Celeb jungle queen Kerry Katona has spoken about her profits from the media sharing website OnlyFans on a Facebook Live interview.

Speaking to Carly Hacon about her business move, Katona revealed that she was purchasing a luxury car next year. On making money from the media sharing website OnlyFans, Kerry said: “Since last March, I’ve made well over a million.”

“I couldn’t even repeat it on here,” Kerry replied when she was asked about the strangest request she’s ever had.

Kerry was quick to defend her method of income as many people look down on users of the website.

She said: “I was watching Love Actually because it’s a Christmas film. I’m watching Martin Freeman and Joanna Page, and she’s laying naked, she’s got her boobs out. She doesn’t get slagged off for it, why is that? Who says in society what’s right or wrong?

“She’s simulating sex and we’re all laughing and finding it funny. She’s got her boobs out for work and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not even simulating sex.”

“They win awards and it’s called art. If I was on the cover of Vogue magazine in a mesh see-through top with itty bitty teeny boobies that would be classed as art and fashion. Society puts you in a certain place of who can do this and who can do that.”

She ended her defence with a tongue in cheek quip: “Sod you lot, I’m the one who is getting a new Lamborghini in March so look who is laughing.”

The conversation moved on to Kerry’s other ventures and mentioned she was disappointed as she doesn’t think she can compete on Strictly Come Dancing: “I don’t think I can do Strictly because I’ve been on Dancing On Ice. I’d love to do Strictly, even though I can’t dance.”

“Strictly’s very highbrow, isn’t it? I think because I do OnlyFans, I don’t think they’d have me on there.”

She also touched upon one actress’ recent departure from Hollyoaks due to her presence on the website: “Absolutely disgraceful, move with the times people.

Back in the day soap stars were doing Nuts, Zoo and FHM, I thought that was absolutely atrocious. They have a late night version of Hollyoaks at 10pm!”

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