Kerry Katona shares positive Covid test as ‘f***ing trolls’ say she faked it

Kerry Katona seemed furious as she uploaded a screenshot of her positive Covid-19 test result to "prove" that she had actually been struck down by the nasty virus.

The 40-year-old was so outraged at "f***ing stupid trolls" who had claimed she was a celebrity who had been "paid" to "pretend" that she had been sick with the coronavirus.

Shutting down speculation, the mum-of-five fumed as she took to social media with proof to put an end to speculation that she had accepted any money in return for acting as though she'd contracted the disease.

The former songstress "couldn't believe" she was actually needing to provide evidence but reluctantly shared a snapshot of an NHS text message which confirmed her "coronavirus test result was positive".

Alongside the image, Kerry lunged into a lengthy rant, penning an expletive-filled message for the trolls who had wrongly pointed the finger.

She began: "I can't believe I'm actually having to do this just to prove I had Covid!

"The people who are saying that celebs are being paid are f***ing stupid idiots!

"These people are clearly not b****y right in the head! I honestly can't understand their thinking behind it!"

Wanting to let her fans know that she was fine now and on the road to recovery, she finished: "Very silly indeed… but I’m on the mend thank God just have this cough!

"I wouldn’t have wished it on anyone! I've honestly never felt so poorly but happy to be through it now. Stay safe people."

The hitmaker turned TV star's update comes after she took to social media on Monday to share a pouting image of herself after she'd undergone a makeover.

In the caption, she confessed to being sick and tired of "looking and feeling like s***" and that she wanted to spruce herself up after coming into contact with virus.

Last week, Kerry confirmed that she and her fitness fanatic fiancé Ryan had both tested positive for coronavirus.

In the snap the girlband singer went makeup-free as she muscled up a smile for the camera while telling fans she and her children would be spending Christmas alone this year.

She wrote: "I know I don't look it but this is the best I've felt! I honestly wouldn't wish it on anyone.

"Absolutely gutted I can't have my mum here for Christmas… but have four out of the five kids who are all really excited.

"Want to send you all love, happiness, positivity, light, joy and blessings."

Stars such as Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris have also been targeted by the same doubters.

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