Kevin Gates Vows to Stop Rapping About Sex Over Daughter’s Shocking Confession

The ‘Love Myself’ rapper says he and his 19-year-old daughter have a ‘crushing’ conversation, in which she details her own shocking sexual exploits that renders him speechless.

AceShowbizKevin Gates says he will stop rapping about sex following a “crushing” conversation with his daughter. The “Love Myself” rapper revealed in a behind-the-scenes clip from a music video shoot for his and DDG‘s new collaborative effort that his eldest child detailed her own shocking sexual exploits that rendered him speechless.

“Bruh, that s**t f**ked up dawg,” Kevin said of the exchange. The Baton Rogue native went on saying, “My big daughter 19, bruh. Make me want to stop rapping about sexual s**t.”

According to “2 Phones” spitter, his daughter told him that “she eat a** and s**t. I’m serious. I had to listen to that s**t.” He continued, “I’m like, ‘What the f**k?!’ I said, ‘Was it a n***a or a b***h?’ She said, ‘Dad…’ I said, ‘Don’t even tell me. I don’t wanna know. I don’t judge you, I love you.’ ”

He further reassured his daughter that he won’t judge her regardless of her sexuality. “I ain’t here to judge you, I love you.” Of the conversation, Kevin admitted, “That s**t be crushing me, dude.”

Kevin is no stranger to rap or talk about sex in interviews or during performances. Back in September, he made headlines after a video of him spewing racy rhetoric on stage was making its rounds on social media. In the clip, Kevin could be seen squatting on stage while rapping about what he would sexually do to a woman.

Not stopping there, he also made some kissing noises. While social media users were mostly confused and disgusted by his antics, the crowd appeared to love it as they cheered for him.

He also admitted in June that he would drink Beyonce Knowles‘ urine after rapping about her “pissing all on this dick.” He told Bootleg Kev at the time, “To be honest – and this with all due respect – that’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. I sit in the trap with all the monsters; they say the same thing. All I did was say what everybody think.”

He continued, “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world. I would drink your piss. Like, what the f**k? Come on, man. Right here in my mouth. I speak for the n***as that incarcerated that sit there and watch these people on TV and everything. This is what everybody thinking.”

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