Kim Gordon’s Seethes in New Song ‘Hungry Baby’

Kim Gordon unveiled a cacophonous new ripper, “Hungry Baby,” from her forthcoming debut solo album, No Home Record, out October 11th via Matador.

The song boasts pummeling drums, a bass line that could register on the Richter scale and a wash of feedback that Gordon molds into something that teeters on the edge of discordant and melodic.

Her vocals hold the track together as she breathlessly seethes, “I’ll take you in/I’ll put you out/I’ll tell you stories of what you’ve got,” before extending the verse with a litany of “Yeah yeah yeah”‘s that build to a fevered howl.

“Hungry Baby” marks the latest offering from No Home Record, following “Murdered Out,” “Sketch Artist,”  and “Air BnB.” She’s also released video shorts featuring snippets of album cuts “Paprika Pony” and “Don’t Play It.”

Gordon made No Home Record with producer Justin Raisen, with contributions from Shawn Everett and composer/filmmaker Jake Meginsky.

While No Home Record marks Gordon’s first solo record, since Sonic Youth’s split, she’s released three records with Bill Name as Body/Head. The duo’s first album, Coming Apart, arrived in 2013, while their most recent, The Switch, was released last July.

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