Lisa Appleton talks lockdown sex, Big Brother and baffling Covid-19 rules

TV babe Lisa Appleton gave her take on lockdown sex, Big Brother and baffled coronavirus rules in an exclusive Daily Star Facebook Live today.

Our very own Sex Doctor appeared to give her unique standpoint on the day's most weird and wonderful news.

Lisa, who shot to fame on Big Brother in 2008, donned a very sexy and seductive nurses outfit as she answered readers' questions after going through the day's news.

The 52-year-old minx oozed sex appeal as she flashed her cleavage in the daring display before one viewer's question turned things raunchy.

The viewer asked: "Hi Lisa, love the tips and advice you give DS weekly! What is your raunchiest tip to spice up your sex life in lockdown?"

Keeping things PG due to it being filmed live during the day, Lisa replied with how you can get the mood on.

She said: "If you have a partner then rather than watch the news you should go out for some walks and exercise.

"Get out and about and then come back to have some fun."

Lisa advised how if it were here she'd plan a romantic night in for her and her lover.

She said: "Have a romantic night with a candlelit dinner and some nice music to get yourself in the mood.

"Dim the lights, get some nice flowers and have a romantic meal. You could share ribs, sausage, and have those intimate moments.

"Also, wear something really nice and sexy. Go and put on a nice dress and grab the Prosecco. Just pretend you're going out.

And for raunchy singles on their own Lisa advised to have some cheeky fun over the phone.

She said: "If you're on your own and single you gotta keep your communication up."

However, meeting up for sex is off limits at the moment due to the second round of lockdown unless you live with your partner.

The star also mocked potential new Covid-19 rules which could see pet owners needing to keep their pooches away from other dogs.

Laughing, Lisa said: "How are you supposed to tell your dog to stay two metres away from others?

"It feels like we're watching a movie or something because this is bizarre."

Also during the Facebook Live, Lisa said that being on Big Brother has helped her when it comes to being in lockdown.

She said: "The experience made me strong so I deal with lockdown quite well as I am a positive person."

Check out Lisa's Daily Star Facebook Live in full here

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