Loose Women’s Coleen clashes with Janet Street-Porter over Covid booster jab

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Loose Women panellists Coleen Nolan and Janet Street-Porter clashed on Wednesday's show while discussing the Covid booster jab.

74-year-old Janet discussed that she had her booster vaccination on Tuesday.

Janet told her fellow Loose Women stars that she felt fine after having it and urged others to get there's too.

She said: "Please go and have your booster jabs today, don't wait for this invitation, if it's more than six months ago you can go!

"I think that people are cautious, they're waiting to be invited."

Following this, Christine Lampard asked the other ladies: "How do we feel about the whole Covid situation now?"

Coleen replied: "I feel like it's passed almost. My issue now is, yeah winter is coming, and winter always brings a pandemic of flu every year, an epidemic of flu, and people get more ill in the winter, so I think some it people are not trusting why all of a sudden is everything to do with Covid?

"People would be getting ill whether we'd heard of Covid or not, obviously that's adding to it as well, I just think there's confusion."

The 56-year-old continued: "I just think there's so much confusion and I'm just a bit over it to be honest."

Janet replied defensively and said: "But you wouldn't be over it if you got it.

"The fact is, the vaccinations you had six months ago are not as efficient."

Coleen butted in and said: "But they didn't say that though at the beginning Janet! It was, 'if you are double jabbed, you'll be fine'."

Linda Robinson tried to settle the debate and added: "I think it's a learning process isn't it…"

Janet however, wasn't having any of it and continued to make her point.

She said: "And also there are new variants that have come along over the last few months, now that bothers me because the infection rates are rising and at the same time our protection is waning so that's the reason to have the jab."

Coleen quickly replied agreeing that she will have the jab as well.

She added: "I agree and I will have the booster if I'm eligible, but I have to accept that there's people out there who don't want it and you cannot force people to have this jab if they don't want it, that's their choice."

Janet joked saying she'd "feel a bit happier" with everyone having it and the rest of the panel laughed.

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