Megan Barton-Hanson admits she would suck a woman’s toes but not a man’s

Love Island babe Megan Barton-Hanson expressed her views and her dislike with sucking a partners toes during sex, as she spoke candidly on MTV's That's What She Said.

Appearing on the YouTube programme with former Islander's Yewande Biala and Olivia Bowen, Megan and the ladies opened up about intimacy, their sexual experiences and fetishes.

Discussing sexual activities that they've previously experienced and what they feel most comfortable with, the girls were not afraid to disclose and give their honest thoughts on the matter.

Divulging further into the discussion Olivia said: "If it doesn't turn you on I don't really see much point doing it unless you're really in love with that person and you're happy to please them for that reason.

"I really hate feet so if he wanted to suck my toe I'd be seriously offended but I think I'd do it."

Responding to this, Megan seemed to agree and said: "I couldn't suck a man's toe. If it was a girl I'd be like 'oh come here babe'."

The girls also discussed their thoughts on the sexual act "pegging" and their views on sexual fetishes.

Olivia asked: "If someone had a fetish and you were with them how would you handle that?"

Responding quickly, Yewande said: "He was pegging and I'm not really into that."

Confused by what the sexual act is, Olivia questioned what the process was, Megan explained: "You put a strap-on on and bang your guy."

Asked whether she had done it herself, Megan said: "No I haven't done it.

"I just don't think I'd feel comfortable. When I was younger I tried to please guys so much or I was so timid and shy.

"When I first had sex I worried 'does my body look good in this position', am I moaning enough? Am I not moaning enough? As I've got older I'm just doing for me. I'm being a little more selfish and you should be."

Earlier in the video, Megan asked Oliva and Yewande their thoughts on what they think makes someone "good in bed".

Olivia said: "For me if you're good at sex, you're just good at listening to someone and finding out exactly what they want."

She added: "Obviously, because I've found Alex, I feel like I have the best sex with him because we are so close. If I had some wild fantasy I'd be so comfortable telling him and then he would in turn be comfortable doing that for me.

"We've just got a really strong agreement on what makes each other happy."

Megan chimed: "A lot of it is communication."

Oliva agreed and added: "In school it's all about the mechanics of it but not the enjoyment of it and how natural it is and now there are sex toys in my feed left, right and centre and I'm loving it."

"Mainly because of me!" Megan voiced as the girls giggled.

Blonde bombshell Megan also went on to talk through her experiences of sex and how she felt about it when she was younger.

"Growing up I felt such a sense of shame for even saying I masturbated. For boys it's perfectly normal. That's how you have better sex as well. Getting to know your own body, knowing what you like." She said

"When I first had sex with guys it was very performative. The only way I knew about sex was from porn and it was so from a man's enjoyment."

She continued: "Obviously I like girls and guys and I think the biggest difference with girls is that there isn't a rush. With men, there's hardly any foreplay or they try and skip the foreplay and go straight to banging.

"With girls there's more of a connection, If it was a one night stand I would have better sex with a girl. Only because where you have a vagina yourself you know what you're doing."

"You know in films where girls are pure screaming. I was like 'how is she..?' what?. ' I think we need to talk about it more because where it's not spoke about my mind was blown.

"I was like how are people enjoying this because it was over in five minutes. There was no foreplay. That's the biggest thing with girls and guys. With girls you're both equal and you're both pleasing each other while with men it's easy for them to skip that part."

Talking openly about having better sex when you're in love with your partner, Megan mentioned: "I feel like you have more of a connection – more loving sex but equally on a one night stand you can be absolutely wild.

"You'd be like 'I don't care if I'm never going to see you but tonight I'm going to do what the hell I want!'."

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