New Kids on the Block drop '80s Baby' video

If you’re an ’80s baby, the New Kids on the Block want to thank you for all their years of love and support. The Boston-native singers released a music video for the song “80s Baby” on Thursday, featuring Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, and Danny Wood, along with their tour mates Salt-N-Peppa, Tiffany, Naughty By Nature, and Debbie Gibson.

The video gives a special behind-the-scenes look at what went down on The Mixtape Tour, including a special pop-up fan experience where a bedroom was decorated with band merchandise from the 1980s and 1990s, much like what you would’ve seen on the walls of many teens’ rooms back then.

There are also plenty of decade-specific references that’ll take you on a quick trip down memory lane. When the video kicks off, there’s a female voice on an answering machine saying, “You reached 867-5309…” in a nod to the popular Tommy Tutone track “867-5309/Jenny.” The lyrics to “80s Baby” also serve as a bit of a time machine, with references to bamboo earrings made popular by Salt-N-Pepa, stonewash jeans, and big hair.

The Mixtape Tour has broken records with multiple sold-out runs in Southern California, Texas, New York, and Chicago. There are still seats available on their 55-show tour before it wraps in Miami on July 14.

“80s Baby” is one of the new songs the guys recorded as part of the 30th Anniversary Edition of their hit album “Hangin’ Tough” released in March. Watch the new music video above.

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