Paul McCartney branded The Beatles with ‘never-before-seen nickname’ in resurfaced letter

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The Beatles legend will sit down with Idris Elba tonight for a candid reflection on his near six decades in the music industry on BBC One. Sir Paul recently admitted he was “lucky” to have been introduced to John Lennon due to their similarities and future songwriting success. In a handwritten note shared with, a new nickname for the Fab Four was unveiled.

Sir Paul’s reference emerged in a letter sent to Drew & Dy, a rock-and-roll duo who accosted him on the street after seeing him outside an Apple boutique in London.

After they pleaded for him to listen to their songs with his “golden ears”, he took them for a private audition in the staircase of their nearby offices. 

The duo, real names Keith Drewett and Peter Dymond, were told by the Beatle that they would meet again after he was impressed by their talent.

In a handwritten note sent to them shortly after that encounter in 1968, he also wrote “a is for apple” and drew the fruit with an A in the centre – a reference to Apple Records.

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The piece, which recently reemerged as part of Gotta Have Rock and Roll’s December auction, was set-apart by an unusual reference to The Beatles. 

Sir Paul wrote: “Dear gentlemen, your songs grow on all that hear them! I hope you are pressing on.”

He listed the songs Tales of Frankie Rabbit and Taurus the Bull as his “current favourites” of their releases. 

In another touching point, Sir Paul added: “Also we like YOU singing them, so we’ll be getting together soon probably to do something – like record.”

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Then the Beatle signed off: “Thanks, Paul and the mop tops!”

Ed Kosinski, of Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auctions, told that he was surprised by the nickname as he had “never seen him do that before”.

He continued: “That’s what makes it great, that makes it so fun and fascinating is that he did that… I have never seen that ever.”

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The letter was listed with an estimate up to $20,000 (£14,800) but did not sell at their auction, which ended on December 5.

Before it went up for sale, Mr Kosinski told “I think it’s really very interesting and any collector would consider it a highlight of their collection.”

He felt the piece was “very rare” because of the sketch of an apple with the letter A in the middle – a reference to Apple Records, which The Beatles set-up in conjunction with Apple. 

Mr Kosinski continued: “It just shows his creativity – I have seen quite a lot of Paul McCartney’s later sketches but this one was from 1968.

“Something from that early-on is very rare but I have seen sketches that were from more recently, since becoming an artist with actual pieces of artwork.”

Drew & Dy were signed by their music label but decided to leave after their songs weren’t released quick enough for them. 

Mr Dymond told Mersey Beat that he “wished he had” not left Apple Records but “desperately wanted to get a record out” at the time.

They “gave up music” in 1973, five years after their first encounter with Sir Paul, and now Mr Dymond said he had a “small” recording studio in Bristol. 

For more information Gotta Have Rock and Roll auctions and the piece visit here.

Idris Elba Meets Paul McCartney will air at 9.20pm Saturday on BBC One.

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