Princess Andre admits former friends have taken the mickey out of Harvey Price

Katie Price's eldest daughter, Princess Andre has distanced herself from former friends after admitting they took "the mickey" out of her disabled older brother Harvey Price.

The 14-year-old has shared in a chapter of her mum's new book, Harvey and Me that she doesn't understand why people can be "so nasty" towards Harvey.

Princess said: "He’s actually so innocent and people don’t realise that.

"I don’t get why people feel the need to be so nasty towards him.

"Some of my friends have taken the mickey out of him in the past, but they’re not really my friends if they do that."

The teenager has also branded trolls who have given her brother abuse online as "cowards".

She said: "Unfortunately, Harvey gets loads of hate online, which is horrible.

"People don’t say it to our faces, but they say stuff behind a computer screen.

"They wouldn’t dare say it to Harvey’s face. They’re cowards."

Princess added that she "wouldn't change her brother for the world" after revealing they've become "really close".

Harvey recently moved away to a residential college in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Katie, 43, admitted to being able to "breathe for the first time" after her son had moved out in August.

In her new book, Katie admits she feels guilty that Harvey lives so far away from her, but is relieved he is receiving the 24/7 care he needs.

Princess added how he can be difficult to look after at times.

She said: "We absolutely love our big brother, Harvey. We have so much fun together, but it can be difficult at times with his disabilities. He can be quite hard to look after.

"I do try and let Mum sort him out when he’s kicking off, because she knows him better than anyone."

Katie has four other children, son Junior, 16, daughter Princess, 14, son Jett, eight and daughter Bunny, seven.

Princess continued: "Harvey is also really close to Junior. Once he gets into a temper, Bunny and Jett try to avoid him because sometimes it can be hard to know how he's going to react.

"He's much bigger than them, so they find it scary."

Princess added: "Sometimes he can purposely go for Jett and Bunny just to make them cry.

"Obviously he can't help it and he's not doing it to purposely hurt them, he just enjoys the noise of it.

"He used to do that to me when I was younger, too."

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