PRISTIN officially disbands, Pledis Entertainment confirms only Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon will remain with agency

Today is a sad day for K-pop fans as one of the most promising girl groups in the industry is no more. Pristin has officially disbanded with only former members Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon staying with Pledis Entertainment.

Pledis Entertainment confirms the disbandment

According to Naver, Pristin — often stylized in all capital letters — officially disbanded on Thursday, May 24, 2019. According to the report, members of the 10-member girl group and Pledis Entertainment held discussions about the direction Pristin would be going in. Unfortunately, it was decided that Pristin would disband.

Eventually, Pledis Entertainment would confirm the news of Pristin’s disbandment. They also confirmed that seven of their members — Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Xiyeon, and Kyla — have terminated their contracts. Only Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon will stay with Pledis Entertainment.

Shortly after Pledis Entertainment confirmed Pristin’s disbandment, they released an official statement, confirming the news and letting fans know which members would be staying with Pledis Entertainment.

Members Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon expressed their intent to stay with the company. We will actively support Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon so that they can have stable individual activities. We will wholeheartedly support them so that they can be more active and have more diverse activities.

As for the Pristin members who will be leaving our agency, we would like to express our deep thanks to them and sincerely support them and their new paths even though their official contracts have ended.

Since this is an important and sensitive matter that required a careful decision, we sincerely apologize to fans for delivering this news late and worrying fans through this news. Lastly, we ask that fans show unchanging support for the seven Pristin members, Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon as they embark on new beginnings.

K-pop fans and media show support and shock

K-pop fans and media are showing both their support as well as shock at the news of Pristin’s disbandment. Starting with the former, many Pristin fans, especially those who were part of their fandom known as High, are following the independent social media accounts of former Pristin members.

This is especially true for Instagram in which Kyla, Eunwoo, Xiyeon, and Nayoung have made new independent accounts. It is expected the other members will open accounts too especially if they choose to continue their careers in Korean entertainment.

It is good that the K-pop community is rallying in supporting former Pristin members after their disbandment, but it does not compare to the shock more people are experiencing that Pristin disbanded in the first place.

For starters, Pristin is only three years into their career. It is rare for a girl group this young to suddenly disband unless they simply aren’t popular. That is not the case for Pristin as they are extremely popular among their fans. Not to mention, their comebacks have been very successful too.

According to fandom chatter, where the problem lies is how Pristin was utilized under Pledis Entertainment. Within three years, they only had two comebacks, Hi! Pristin and Schxxl Out. Both title tracks for each, Wee Woo and We Like, were popular and won multiple awards on music show competitions.

The problem is the fact both of those comebacks happened in their debut year. Since then, Pristin as a full group has literally done nothing. There was a bit of hope last year that Pristin would still be around when sub-unit Pristin V was created. Though entertaining, the sub-unit didn’t make as much of an impact as expected.

To top it off, Pristin had two members of popular disbanded Produce 101 girl group, I.O.I. Both Nayoung and Kyulkyung alone should be enough to garner a tantamount level of investment. Looking back over the last three years, that star power seemed to have been squandered under Pledis Entertainment.

In short, Pristin was underutilized. It is believed among the fandom that Pristin members were upset with this situation and wanted out.

Presently, the K-pop community, especially those who identified as High (Pristin’s fandom), are reminiscing on Pristin’s career and the music they made over the past three years. Though their careers were cut short, they made a major impact and won’t easily be forgotten.

For K-pop fans interested in Pristin, their albums and other merchandise are available to the American population through YesAsia. Take note that since Pristin has disbanded, album copies are now limited.

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