Producer Black Noi$e Welcomes Incoming 'Oblivion' on Fearless, Experimental New Album

Detroit producer Black Noi$e has arrived, delivering his new full-length album Oblivion, a 13-track offering that is full of experimental soundscapes spanning multiple genres, eras and moods. From Detroit techno to J Dilla and everything in between, he backs his most talented friends’ vocals with instrumentals that are singularly left-field and brings out the best in them on each track.

The project is also the first non-Earl Sweatshirt release from Tan Cressida. “Black Noi$e presents the aptly titled Oblivion to a restless people. For those who don’t know Black Noi$e the person: think Grim from Billy and Mandy with a mean nollie flip and an affinity for life in all its forms. These polarities are reflected in Black Noi$e the music. Shadows and sunlight. Detroit electric soul and 8-bit ghosts and waterfalls,” a recent press release read.

Black Noi$e announced the project by dropping “The Band” featuring singer-songwriter Liv.e. In a recent interview with HYPEBEAST she detailed how the track came together in just 10 minutes. “We finally found this little greenroom area that was kinda quiet but you could still hear the other side of the wall which was hella loud playing all this trap sh*t,” Liv.e said. “Sh*t started overpowering us. I was already listening to the loop before so when we got to it, it was hella quick. ‘What do I wanna say?’ Then I mumbled some sh*t (laughs). I love that song though, it’s a great song.”

Late last week, the producer also premiered his visual for “Mutha Magick” featuring Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper BbyMutha. The song is lives somewhere in an alternate universe lodged between Crash Bandicoot soundtracks and Detroit’s 1980s techno scene. BbyMutha continues to prove that there isn’t an instrumental out there that she can’t cater to her flow to. “Tight Leash” offers a grim, even menacing beat for rapper MIKE that’s jarring upon first listen but ultimately is a cohesive fit for the rest of the album. “Mo(u)rning” taps friend and frequent collaborator Earl Sweatshirt for a standout verse while the title track goes to Pink Siifu. Danny Brown is in Atrocity Exhibition-form on “1999” (see below) and Zelooperz brings his energy to “Bonnie & Clyde.”

Stream Oblivion below and watch the Danny Brown-featuring “1999” visualizer. In more music news, Black Noi$e collaborator Liv.e joined HYPEBEAST for a recent feature, “Liv.e’s Soulful Existence Was Freestyled From Solitude.”

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