Queen: Roger Taylor reveals what he really thinks of John Deacon’s songs

In a major new interview with Mojo magazine, Taylor and Brian may open up about the creation of some of the band’s greatest hits. May openly admits their differences are what made the group so special: “We all influenced each other. That was the secret of Queen.” But it wasn’t always easy, or nice: “Families aren’t always nice. We sometimes said terrible things.” In the same interview, Taylor talks about two of Deacon’s most famous numbers.

At the very start of the interview, Taylor establishes Deacon was a little apart: “We had diverse influences, but also certain groups in common. Brian, Freddie and I especially…

“John Deacon was different, though, even before he got into funk. When we met him John was into Yes. I liked Yes, too, but John really liked Yes. Tales From Topographic… boll**ks or whatever – a bit too proggy for me.”

Famously, the titanic Bohemian Rhapsody was followed by the second single from A Night At The Opera, Deacon’s You’re My Best Friend.

Taylor chooses his words carefully: “I wasn’t opposed to it…”

“You’re My Best Friend was poppy and lightweight, but I could see its commercial potential. You can’t always tell, though.”

Probably Deacon’s most seminal work was an iconic funk anthem which punctuates a key moment in the Bohemian Rhapsody film when the band are bickering.

Taylor adds: “I was never opposed to Another One Bites The Dust. I just didn’t think it would be a hit.”

As for the album Hot Space, which was a passion project for Deacon and Freddie and took the band in a new funk/dance direction, Taylor says: “I always hated the cover, but, musically, the album was OK…”

John’s close bond with Freddie was said to be a major part of his decision to quit the group in 1998, seven years after Freddie’s death.

Since them, the other band members say they have barely spoken. Taylor reveals: “We don’t have any contact with John.’


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