Queen’s Brian May is in HOSPITAL: What about the 2020 World Tour with Adam Lambert?

Fans who were lucky enough to see the North American tour dates, or who have seen the online footage, will be shocked by the news. Apparently the guitar legend was suffering on stage. May just posted an update for fans from his hospital bed with a heartfelt and typically honest message for everyone. And he made sure to stress he will be back better than ever.

Brian May wrote on Instagram: “I’m done! After a snip to my calf muscle, I’m feeling good!

“The theory is that it will release the excess tension in my Achilles’ tendon and get me out of a painful heel situation I’ve been in for many months.

“I had the problem all through our last tour of the USA – and although adrenaline got me through, my running around was severely curtailed, and there were a couple of nights when I really couldn’t move at all around the stage (nobody noticed, it seems !). 


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Brian added: “So now I’ll be taking it easy just a bit for a while, but full recovery should be just in time for getting back out on tour in January – hopefully with a good pair of heels !

“THANKS for your good wishes, folks. No cause for alarm. Bri

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