‘Rita Ora’s pathetic party apology isn’t fooling me’ says Apprentice’s Ryan-Mark

The hot topic on everyone's lips from the showbiz world this week has been Rita Ora and her lockdown-breaking 30th birthday party.

Naturally, Daily Star columnist Ryan-Mark Parsons couldn't wait to have his say on the controversial incident, which saw Rita release an apology on Instagram.

Elsewhere, daytime TV fans were left reeling when it was confirmed that Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were being replaced on their Friday hosting slot on This Morning – though Ryan-Mark doesn't seem to mind.

The latest location for the Real Housewives has been confirmed, with fans set to get an insight into the lives of the rich and fabulous in Jersey.

And despite coronavirus guidelines, Ryan-Mark is keen to bring some festive cheer by giving a spotlight to an online pantomime.

Rita Ora’s pathetic apology isn’t fooling me

Rita Ora hosted an illegal birthday party in a London restaurant with several celebrity friends, despite lockdown rules preventing such gatherings.

She knew that, as seen in the apology, and chose to ignore the rules.

The problem is, if we all had parties, like Rita, mortality would be even higher than it is currently.

So when she issued an "apology", I couldn’t care less and you shouldn’t either.

She didn’t care if her reckless antics would exacerbate the spread, if somebody who attended that event had the virus, and therefore land one of your relatives in hospital…

Wretched behaviour that deserves every bit of the backlash she’s received so far.

The 30th birthday bash was attended by 30 of her pals, famous faces reportedly including Cara and Poppy Delevingne and Vas Morgan (the one who's famous for being Rita's friend).

It’s not fair to blame only Rita, she may have organised the event, but it’s equally negligent for her friends who agreed to attend and flout the unmistakably clear Covid rules.

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According to The Sun, the singer is launching a probe to identify the friend who leaked details of the party to the police.

If that is correct, you must be joking! Get over it and accept fault – why divert blame when you’re the one who made a conscious decision to bypass the law and host an event in the middle of a national lockdown.

Thank goodness she could sing, not much else up there but a good voice.

What makes this worse? Rita’s philanthropic façade.

It was revealed by Daily Star, despite Rita’s commitment to volunteer for the NHS, she hasn’t completed a single task since April!

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Apparently because the NHS didn't contact her, yet as the Daily Star showed, the instructions on the NHS are clear as crystal – you, the volunteer, has to select what to do!

During junkets with This Morning and The One Show talking about her new music, she proudly boasted of her gallant efforts to support our NHS by volunteering her time.

She said on This Morning: "What made me want to volunteer, even if it's delivering food to people's home or picking up medicine or whatever it is, I just found that, seeing it first hand, 'Oh gosh, this is so real, what could I possibly do?' Obviously I don't have a medical degree."

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There’s no doubt in my mind, Rita apologised because she was caught.

Had she got away with it, I wouldn’t be writing about her at all. What’s there to say, quite frankly? Nothing interesting I can think of.

It’s high time rule-breakers like her are exposed, and then the sooner we can get back to a 2019 reality without masks and social distancing.

This won’t happen if deaths continue to rise, when fools like her drink Champagne until early hours surrounded by 29 other morons.

Eamonn and Ruth: Time to go

  • This Morning's Eamonn and Ruth 'disappointed' over axe, says pal Gloria Hunniford

Thank goodness the long-serving couple have left the studio. What a yawn fest!

This Morning has made the wise decision in reducing the tired presenters' hours, Eamonn and Ruth, replacing them with the wonderful Alison Hammond and mediocre Dermot O’Leary.

It’s about time Alison got a regular role on the show, she’s far better than random news segments across the UK and competition prize clips.

She’s already universally adored by the public, young and old, and even better, we don’t have to suffer from Eamonn and Ruth’s bizarre domestic arguments broadcast on national television anymore! Hurrah.

No one wants to see it anymore, not even the producers, hence the chop.

I must say, I don’t understand how Dermot fits into all of this.

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I would’ve thought Rylan and Alison would’ve been a better pairing, but perhaps they need someone less excitable to keep things in some kind of order.

Ruth seemed to insinuate some kind of superiority over television stars such as Alison in a recent interview with Mirror’s Notebook magazine

She said: "We've put the work in. We didn't do a reality show and get an overnight job on the telly. We've come up through the ranks."

Get over yourself, woman!

I can’t see the point she’s attempting to make here. Not just in regards to Alison kicking off her career as a Big Brother star in 2002, but to anyone who’s made a successful living from the world of reality.

  • Holly Willoughby wishes Eamonn Holmes happy birthday after his This Morning axe

Many household names, including Gemma Collins, Rylan Clark-Neal, and even Simon Cowell (to an extent) with the rise of his reality talent shows.

It comes down to talent and whether the public like you, nothing to do with how hard you’ve worked in a newsroom.

She’s only reaffirming her backward views – time to move with the times darling.

This major shake-up for ITV is much-needed, and I welcome Alison and Dermot to revitalise a show that, as a nation, we all secretly love.

The ‘Real’ Housewives of Jersey… Please

  • RHOSLC's Meredith Marks can't wait to see 'lying' co-stars as she talks dramatic reunion

Here it is! A new ITVBe reality show has landed on the shores of Jersey, an island full of middle class and nouveau riche families… Can’t wait.

One of the women is mother to Tallia Storm, the singer who failed to impress judges on the X Factor and was booted off an ITV2 karaoke show despite being one of the only professional signers… How does that happen?

Well, let's hope Tessa Hartmann does a bit better than her daughter on this new show coming to our screens in December.

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Another cast member includes Margaret Thompson, another filthy rich woman who has been pictured with Donald Trump, and was proud enough to be sharing these images with press. Groundbreaking.

I’m pretty disappointed so far, and I just hope the drama exceeds the disastrously low expectations I have for the show.

Some of the US-based franchises have exploded internationally because of the dynamic personalities of the female cast, but after taking one look at Jersey’s line-up and their respective social media, I doubt they’ll have the same global impact.

I also find these shows deeply contrived and sometimes their level of superficiality can be overwhelming; a tackiness that puts me off entirely.

  • Real Housewives' Lauren Simon says she 'had sex with ghost' – but he dumped her

Scenes that have been created by producers to instigate arguments are so blindingly clear, so much so they require a warning at the start of each episode.

It becomes tedious overtime.

Look at Made In Chelsea, rapid decline compared to when they first started with organic storylines and drama inspired from actuality — no scripts.

My hopes aren’t high, but perhaps the show will be somewhat more riveting than the island on which it’s based, which isn’t saying a lot.

‘The Gift’ is truly the Christmas gift families have been waiting for

  • This Morning's Vanessa Feltz lashes out at Nigel Farage as debate turns tense

There’s something about pantomime that makes Christmas so special; it’s been a tradition for me ever since I was a child.

As you can imagine, with many productions postponed and some trying to broadcast performances on a stage for people at home, it’s not quite the same this year.

I then discovered The Gift, which stars Vanessa Feltz, Joe Pasquale, Caprice Bourret, Chesney Hawkes, Tina Malone and Boyz on Block stars.

This unique show brings a classic fairytale story to the screen: a film that bears every resemblance to a traditional pantomime. What more could you ask for?

The production has partnered with NHS and London Borough Councils to create this "Film-O- Mime", making the feature available to those in hospital and raising money for NHS Charities Together.

It’s fantastic to reintroduce theatre and film back into 2020, when it’s been so incredibly absent, leaving many crews and talent without work, and also children who may have never seen a pantomime before with nothing to attend.

The Gift seems to solve everything.

I personally adore Vanessa and fondly remember her appearance in Little Britain, but I haven’t seen much of her acting since — I cannot wait to see what she does here.

I wish them every success and support in raising money for the NHS this Christmas, and I’m sure this is something many families will get behind in the run-up to Christmas Day and beyond.

The film will be available on Amazon from this week.

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