See Alessia Cara Make Her Spanish-Language Debut with Juanes in 'Querer Mejor'

Alessia Cara is diving into newer and deeper waters!

The singer, 22, debuted her song “Querer Mejor” alongside Latin American superstar Juanes on Friday. In a PEOPLE exclusive behind-the-scenes video, Cara and Juanes, 46, the two met at Sunset Sound studios in Los Angeles to record their song.

The musical chemistry between the two was immediately apparent as the two shared laughs and smiles before they prepared to sing. As they stood in front of each other, they recorded their new song.

This marks Cara’s first time singing in Spanish.

“Working with Juanes and being invited into his world has genuinely been such an honor,” she said. “I’ve always loved Latin music, so getting to dabble in that realm with such a legend is pretty amazing.”

She added, “Getting his stamp of approval on my Spanish pronunciation wasn’t so bad either.”

Juanes agreed, saying, “Recording with Alessia has been a real pleasure. The joy she finds in music is contagious and brought even more of a connection in how well our voices naturally fit together on this soulful and uplifting song.”

Cara has come a long way since her debut in 2015. In October, the singer revealed “it’s very hard to prove yourself” in the music industry after she won a Grammy for best new artist in early 2018.


“It’s very hard to prove yourself as a young woman in the industry,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s dumb because it shouldn’t be that way, but having that title has helped me gain some leverage and have people trust me more.”

As for her Grammy win, she admitted while it “shouldn’t validate success” it has helped her career.

“When you have that to your name it allows for me to be like, ‘You know what, I have this success in my past, I’ve achieved this, so maybe now you guys can trust me with more.’”

“Other than that, [winning the Grammy] was just a really cool thing that I’ve gotten to achieve!” she added.

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