Stacey Solomon ready for labour as Joe Swash practises birth partner techniques

Stacey Solomon is due to give birth to her daughter any day now, and the star was trying to have a moment's peace to herself when fiancé Joe Swash "gatecrashed" her evening.

Presenter and singer Stacey, 31, shared some candid snaps and videos on social media of the adorable interaction with Joe, 39.

She wrote: "Was just sitting in the wardrobe about to have a cuppa and put some moisturiser on but Joe's gatecrashed my evening to practice his birth partner technique."

Stunning Stacey is sat wearing pink floral loungewear as Joe crouches behind her.

She joked: "If it's anything like the last time, I don't want it."

Much to Joe's embarrassment the soon to be mum-of-for revealed to fans how much he panicked during Rex's birth.

She laughed: "The last time I went into labour, Joe panicked so much I thought something was wrong.

"All I could hear was 'is that the right amount of blood? Are you sure there should be that much blood there?'" she joked.

Joe insists he's a lot more prepared now, and promised he will give her massages and blow cold air into her face to cool her down.

He said: "I know what to expect this time, so you're fine, lots of massaging, lots of blowing, lots of rubbing."

Joe then gently patted Stacey affectionately, however she wasn't having any of it.

She quipped: "If you do any of that when I'm in labour, you won't see the end of it, you won't make it through."

Stacey shared a picture on Instagram of her heavily pregnant belly, saying she's "running out of room".

"Good morning. She's still in there but by the looks of it she's desperate to get out," she shared with her adoring fans.

"Definitely running out of room" but added "I'll really miss this."

Stacey is hugely popular for her relatable and approachable Instagram account, but she recently said she would go quiet on there for a few days as she is "exhausted."

Fans are counting down the days until their new little one arrives, and are desperate to know what they will call their daughter.

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