Summer Walker Defends Herself, Says She Had No Idea She’s Late at Toronto Concert

The ‘Over It’ singer explains that her November 25 concert was delayed due to equipment issues, not because of her hanging out with Drake like the online rumors suggested.

AceShowbizSummer Walker addressed the backlash over her Toronto concert tardiness in an expletive-laden Instagram video. She defended herself, claiming she didn’t know she was late because she just got on the stage when they told her.

She said, “If I had known motherf**kers were waiting for four hours, I would’ve apologized.” She didn’t know it was cold and everyone was waiting outside either. “I did what the f**k I was supposed to do,” she said.

The “Over It” singer was tired of all the “hurtful and disrespectful” messages. “Y’all don’t even know what goes on behind-the-scenes,” she said before starting to list off everything that went wrong with her concert. One of them was all her equipment being stuck at the U.S.-Canadian border.

“So b***h, how we’re gonna play a show with no drums, and no f***kin mic, and no motherf***king guitars,” she told her fans before adding that even her clothes was still held up at the border. “I have to go to the mall today because I don’t have no clothes. They stole my motherf***king bags.”

She also revealed, “I couldn’t find my passport and birth certificate. I had to be up at 5 A.M. to go to two different offices to get a new passport and birth certificate. By the time I got to Toronto, all I had time to do was check-in, wash my a**, and get to the venue.” And by the time she got to the venue, she only had 10 minutes to get her makeup done.

She then slammed the accusations suggesting she was late because she hung out with Drake. She claimed, “Drake told me he was going to come to my show, and I told him not to come because I suck. He comes — very grateful and nice man. He’s extremely sweet. The thing is, we only spoke for two minutes. Him, Meek, and some other n***s walked in. We say hello and take a picture. We probably exchanged about two sentences and then they said, ‘Summer, it’s time to go on stage.’ “

Walker additionally called out Wendy Williams for “bullying” her. ”Wendy p f**king williams that bad built b***h, i don’t even understand how she could ever looking how she looking — let me stop,” she said,

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