Ulrika Jonsson mistook menopause symptoms for early on-set dementia

TV personality Ulrika Jonsson thought she had dementia after experiencing certain symptoms while going through the menopause.

The 54 year old first experienced menopause-related symptoms at the age of 46 when it developed out of the blue.

Writing for her column in The Sun, Ulrika admitted to feeling confused when dark moods, anxiety and brain fog started to set in.

Due to her personal lack of knowledge surrounding this particular phase of life, the star ended up self diagnosing and came to the conclusion that she may have dementia.

Ulrika penned: "It really perturbed me. I found myself searching for words mid-sentence. In my mind’s eye it felt like complete darkness in front of me — I had no visual prompts for the words I was searching for."

She continued: "All these symptoms assaulted me in a matter of months, or perhaps just weeks. I’m ashamed to say there was no way in the world I had associated them with the onset of the ­menopause. My limited knowledge about it amounted to someone having hot flushes and heightened ­emotions."

However, Ulrika decided to talk to a friend about her symptoms.

"I finally confided in a close friend who is a few years older and she smiled, put her arm around me and said: 'No, love, it’s just the start of the menopause.'"

Ulrika admitted to feeling "dumbfounded" when she realised what she was actually going through.

She also added that before finding out what was happening with her body, her forgetfulness became the butt of jokes amongst her family members.

Ulrika expressed that she believes there is currently a lack of information out there regarding the menopause.

Following on from this, the mother-of four sought advice from her mum who had been taking HRT tablets, which help with stabilising hormones.

Ulrika began to overcome her symptoms as the treatment helped to calm her down by using the progesterone hormone – of which she lacked.

The TV personality had to access the medication privately, as the NHS didn't provide the treatment and the service she needed.

Following on from her diagnosis, Ulrika went on to add that wished more women had further information on the menopause as it is something that is often overlooked.

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