William Goldsmith's New Band Assertion Previews Debut LP With 'Supervised Suffering'

Assertion, the new band from veteran indie-rock drummer William Goldsmith, have released a new song, “Supervised Suffering,” from their upcoming debut album, Intermission.

“Supervised Suffering” is a sprawling track that moves effortlessly from simmering verses to explosive choruses. “Justice is broken, burn down your system its time,” bellows guitarist/singer Justin Tamminga, “You can’t contain us, nothing will keep me away.”

Goldsmith, who was a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate, the Fire Theft, and Foo Fighters, announced the formation of Assertion earlier this month. The project marks his first musical outing in 10 years and finds him playing alongside Tamminga and bassist Bryan Gorder.

“A decade-long journey that started out walking away from music has led me right back to it and the very reason I started — but with a whole new appreciation and respect for it,” Goldsmith said. “I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a project that isn’t just making music but is a force of nature with an egoless collaboration that is nothing short of unconditional. The gratitude I have for being given the opportunity to release this music is beyond words. Thank you to everyone for your support through all these years.”

Intermission, which is available to preorder in the U.S. and U.K., is set to arrive April 9th via Spartan Records.

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