Wu-Tang Clan to Headline First Hip-Hop Concert at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium

Since its inception in 1892, the Ryman Auditorium has hosted country music concerts, church revivals and even boxing matches, but never a headlining hip-hop show.

According to NPR, that all changes tonight when Wu-Tang Clan becomes the top-billed act on the Nashville venue’s stage for the first time, as a part of the group’s international tour commemorating the 25th anniversary of its breakout album, Enter the Wu-Tang.

“The Ryman has had to grow up too, and had to grow up into what the city is,” said Sharon Sanders, a Grammy-winning musician, record producer and a member of one of Nashville’s first hip-hop acts. “You know, the Wu-Tang is ready for the Ryman, but also the Ryman is ready for the Wu-Tang.”

Directed by Sacha Jenkins,, Wu-Tang released a four-episode docuseries on Showtime called Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men on May 10th. Just one week later, the hip-hop icons shared a seven-track EP and soundtrack to the documentary with Wu-Tang: Of Mics and Men. In October it was also announced that a 10-episode series based on the group called Wu-Tang: An American Saga would be forthcoming.

In a statement about the Hulu series Wu-Tang member RZA said, “I’m delighted to be partnering with Hulu and Imagine to explore the vast story of the Wuniverse. Wu-Tang through our music has always strove to inspire as we entertain. This opportunity to continue the Wu-Saga in a 10-episode series will exponentially increase our inspirational style of entertainment. In the immortal words of ODB ‘Wu-Tang is for the Children.’”

Wu-Tang Clan is set to play what will be their historic, sold-out show tonight, June 9th.

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