30 Coins watch online: How to watch 30 Coins online

30 Coins: HBO release trailer for Spanish horror series

Mixing fantasy with horror, 30 Coins is a searing new drama about an exiled exorcist fighting demons in a remote town in Spain. The series recently started airing on HBO in America and is expected to arrive on British screens in the not-too-distance future. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about how to watch the show – also known as 30 Monedas – online.

How to watch 30 Coins online

30 Coins started airing on HBO in America on January 4 with episodes airing weekly.

The eight-part series can be watched via the HBO website live or on catch up but you will need a login to view content.

Alternatively, 30 Coins will be available to view on HBO Max, the broadcaster’s streaming platform but again you will need a subscription to access content.

A HBO Max subscription costs $14.99 per month, making it more pricey than rivals such as Disney+ and Apple TV+.

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The streaming service allows you to access content on various devices, so you can watch shows on the go.

Along with 30 Coins, HBO Max has a wealth of content as well as Originals which have yet to air on linear television.

HBO Max can only be watched in the US and certain US territories, which means it’s unavailable in the UK.

However, 30 Coins is expected to be coming to the UK at some point in the future and Express.co.uk will update this article when a release date is announced.

The show is likely to be airing on Sky Atlantic and Now TV, where content from HBO is usually made available in the UK.

Now TV’s Entertainment Pass, which gives you access to TV shows, costs £9.99 per month and can be viewed on multiple portable devices such as phones and tablets.

30 Coins has already aired in its native Spain after it was broadcast on HBO Europe with the series premiering on November 29.

So, travelling to America to air on HBO after Spanish broadcast is a big move and highlights a shift in television – particularly when it comes to airing non-English shows.

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With the advent of streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, language barriers have become less of an issue.

Viewers don’t have to look much further than the success of Narcos and Money Heist to see how well non-English shows can perform on a global stage with subtitles and dubbing making language less of an issue than ever before.

HBO appears to be following this trend by championing non-English shows in a similar manner as audiences become receptive to new storytelling.

Depending on the performance of 30 Coins, other non-English language shows could become more prevalent on screens in the future with the story taking precedence.

Speaking about how 30 Coins was made by HBO, director and co-writer Álex de la Iglesia told Variety: “This series, like so much of my work, was rejected many times before HBO arrived in Spain.

“As soon as HBO came on the scene, I said I wanted to go with them because I felt that with them, we could do the impossible.”

While HBO España executive Miguel Salvat added: “What we were most interested in is Alex’s voice and his universe.

“We always felt the most precious aspect of this series is Alex’s vision, so we worked with Steve to keep that intact.”

30 Coins airs on HBO in the US on Mondays at 9pm EST

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