A New Life in the Sun couple on ‘heart-wrenching’ problem as they launch new business

A New Life in the Sun: Couple discuss 'heart-wrenching' storm

Keen cyclists Emmeline and David jetted off to Valencia, Spain to start A New Life in the Sun with their four-year-old daughter. The couple hoped to run their own luxury cyclist retreat but were left fearing for the future when they discovered a structural problem ahead of their first guest checking into their accommodation. 

Channel 4 viewers were introduced to the couple who were looking forward to welcoming a professional cyclist to their home.

Revealing why they’d decided to move, David said: “I’d done many trips to Spain and I didn’t sell it solely to Emmeline on cycling alone.

“The food, the cuisine, the culture were really important.”

Emmeline added: “We wanted to move to Spain and build something as a family, spend more time with our daughter and do something we’re passionate about.”

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“We’ve come out here to run a luxury cycling retreat where we look after the customers from the moment they arrive,” David explained. 

“We’re focussing on road cycling and the region here is famous around the world. Fantastic weather, a fantastic environment for cycling, lots of mountains. Lots of pro teams come here so we’ve picked the best location in the region.”

The couple bought an 18th-century farmhouse which they spent months renovating. 

“We’ve still got a lot of work but we’ve been busy sourcing a lot of the pillows, the sheets, the rugs from local manufactures,” Emmeline said.

However, the couple was devastated when a huge storm nearly brought the roof off and caused lasting damage.

“This wooden beam in particular,” David remarked. “I heard a huge crack, came outside and if you look at the height of the wall, the beam has collapsed and broken down below it.

“The whole of the roof has sunken down a few inches so it’s supported through a couple of beams at the moment.

“But we’re going to have to get a replacement wooden beam.”

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Emmeline quipped: “When something like this happens it’s heart-wrenching really.

“This is such a huge job. The beam alone could cost several thousand euros and that’s without the work to lift the roof to physically replace it.”

The couple hoped a successful stay by a professional cyclist would get their business up and running.

Emmeline noted that without paying customers the couple wouldn’t be able to afford additional work on the property. 

In February 2020, Emmeline and David welcomed their first guest who was impressed by the service on offer. 

David accompanied the guest on a bike ride while Emmeline rustled up nutritious meals. 

The guest gave the couple a dazzling review and the couple looked forward to welcoming more guests in the future.

A New Life in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm

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