Adam Henson vents frustration over tricky farming demands ‘Not gonna be easy!’

Adam Henson helps cow farmer who is 'stubborn as an ox'

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During the new Channel 5 series, Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson, the presenter was given the task of helping farmers Ian and Karen Taylor to save Castlehill Farm from going out of business. The couple asked for Adam’s help because they were struggling to sustain their beloved farm, which had been in their family for three generations. Ian and Karen’s children also aired their worries about their parents’ health, as it was later revealed Ian had suffered two mini heart attacks. However, the Countryfile presenter appeared to get frustrated with Ian, who didn’t seem keen on changing anything about how they ran the farm.

Adam managed to get Karen and their children, Ben and Gemma on board with his plan very quickly, as he came up with some exciting ways they could make extra income.

However, he soon realised he was going to struggle to persuade Ian because he wasn’t a fan of change.

“I’ve met lots of farmers like Ian in my time who are passionate about their farms,” Adam began.

“They’re the absolute backbone of the family but stubborn as an Ox.”

He continued: “Now, Ben and Gemma are seriously concerned about their parents’ health and feel they should be taking things a little bit easier as they approach retirement.

“They’re desperate to find an income for the farm that’s less physically demanding.

“But there is no doubt in my mind that convincing Ian that change needs to happen, isn’t gonna be easy.”

After a discussion with Karen and Gemma, they decided the best way to provide a sustainable source of income was to privately rent out their barn.

They wanted to create a multi-purpose area where people could hold events and wedding receptions.

However, Adam explained that Ian was not a fan of “diversification” and so would be a tough nut to crack.

“Diversification is a load of nonsense,” Ian joked as Adam recalled making some changes to his farm.

“It’s not shutting down what you’ve done before,” Adam reassured him. “Those two things can run side-by-side.”

Not having any of it, Ian simply replied: “Maybe.”

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“I’ve got my work cut out here,” Adam confessed after he had a disagreement with Ian about the changes.

Later on in the programme, Ian still wasn’t happy about the amendments being made at the farm.

Karen told Adam: “He will come around eventually. It’s just such a big change for him.”

“Ian is nervous on change,” Adam explained afterwards. “And to win him around, he needs convincing that this farm has got a lot of potential.”



Despite their success, when Adam went to visit Gemma and Karen six months later, they explained that Ian still hasn’t come around to the idea of the business.

“Has Ian bought into it,” Adam asked Gemma and Karen.

“It’s a big change,” Karen admitted as Gemma added: “I think dad will be a lot happier about it as he knows we have done it in a realistic way.

As the episode came to a close, Adam looked around the barn conversion with Ian.

“Ian is a tough nut to crack,” the host concluded. “He’s not giving much away.”

Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson returns on Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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