After Bridgerton fans spy road markings on 1813 set, can you spot these awkward TV and movie continuity blunders? – The Sun

IT'S the hit Netflix TV series that has provided much-needed escapism for viewers over the last few weeks – with a string of high-society family scandals playing out in 1813 London.

But now viewers claim to have seen a series of blunders on Bridgerton, as yellow painted lines have been spotted on the road and a "Primark poster" was visible in another scene.

But the racy show is far from the first TV series or movie to suffer an awkward continuity blunder.

Game Of Thrones fans spotted a stray takeaway coffee cup in front of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys and there have also been stray crew members and a laptop charger spotted on sets too.

Last year, Little Women cinema-goers spotted a water bottle and a flask in the hit Hollywood adaptation.

And thanks to the constant re-runs of Friends, eagle-eyed fans have also noticed a cameraman in Monica’s apartment in one scene.

So, can you spot all the continuity cock-ups in our ultimate quiz?

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