Alex Jones admits being ‘anxious’ leaving newborn with partner on One Show return

The One Show returned to BBC One on Tuesday night with hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas back on the iconic green sofa. Alex has been away from the show since August 6 as she had been on maternity leave after giving birth to her and husband Charlie Thomson’s daughter, Annie. She returned to the show on Tuesday evening and revealed how “anxious” she was to have left Annie at home with her husband for the first time.

As the pre-credits ended, Alex welcomed viewers back to the show and said: “Hello, Happy New Year, and welcome to The One Show live on BBC One and iPlayer and with Jermaine Jenas!”

“And Alex Jones,” Jermaine continued: “Now Alex, New Year’s resolutions, that’s the talk of the day obviously, what are yours?”

Alex revealed: “Well, mine, Jermaine is to be a bit more relaxed, so today (is my) first official day back from maternity.

“My husband Charlie on paternity (leave), and I need to learn to let go a bit of things at home, you know, let him do it his way, tricky!”

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Picking up on Alex’s frosty vibe, Jermaine stated: “You don’t seem so happy with Charlie?”

Laughing, Alex commented: “No, no, no, it’s all good, I feel a bit anxious, but it’s fine!”

While she may have been anxious about things running smoothly at home, Alex’s first One Show of the year went without a hitch.

And delighted to see Alex back on the show after her time off, @StarBaker16 wrote on Twitter: “Welcome back @MissAlexJones – it’s good to see you!”

@cupie_doll added: “I’m glad #theoneshow is back, and so is Alex Jones!”

@Deb_Me4 commented: “Oh lovely Alex, welcome back! We have all missed you and your upbeat attitude very much!”

@FlopsyPickle said: “Yay, Alex is back, finally we have a decent host back on @BBCTheOneShow, God I have missed her!” (sic)

Joining Alex and Jermaine on Tuesday’s The One Show were Maxine Peake and Rakhee Thakrar to speak about their new upcoming drama, Rules of the Game.

The pair were asked about what fans can expect from the series, with Maxine getting too excited about the series and almost giving away too much.

Speaking about drama, Maxine revealed: “So we follow my character, Sam, as she enters her workplace to find, well, it looks like there’s been an accident of some kind.

“There’s a spillage of blood, so yes, I don’t know how much I’m supposed to give away!” to which Jermaine joked: “Rakhee is looking at you Maxine like ‘How far is she going to with this?’”

Also joining Jermaine and Alex on the BBC presenter’s first show of the year was Deborah Meaden and Steven Bartlett.

Steven has made history as he is the youngest ever Dragon to appear on Dragons’ Den.

Alongside Deborah, the pair delved into what fans of the hit BBC show can expect in the new series.

Speaking on how he first felt when entering the Den, Steven revealed: “It was emotional, I didn’t expect it to be that competitive.

“When an entrepreneur walks through the door and you want the business these this weird thing where we all kind of fall quiet.”

Deborah praised Steven’s confident arrival and said: “He absolutely owned that chair from the minute he started and he didn’t back off! It’s quiet challenging in there and he absolutely held his own.”

The One Show airs weekdays on BBC One from 7pm.

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