Andrew Neil tweets he ‘couldn’t be happier’ to never be on GB News again

Veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil, explained on Twitter that he "couldn’t be happier" to cut ties with GB News.

The 72 year old wrote: "After weeks of talks with @GBNEWS, resulting in exit settlement, the channel then broke it by briefing Mail on Sunday with load of smears/lies then unilaterally cancelling exit deal.

"Leaving me free to do, say whatever I want + never again be on GB News.

"Couldn’t be happier."

Fellow journalists and employees at GB News were among the social media users reacting to the tweet.

Lucy Jones, a senior producer at GB News indirectly responded to last night’s tweet from Neil, saying: "Let’s remember GB News is more than just one presenter.

"We’re a dedicated team working tirelessly to provide a channel that stands for free speech & fair debate.

"Those who watch will see that.

"I count myself lucky to learn and work alongside some brilliant people."

GB News however, was not defended by everyone online.

Conservative academic Adrian Hilton, who has worked with multiple national publications challenged the chief executive office at GB News, he retweeted Neil’s tweet and said: "Isn't this just so unutterably shoddy of Angelos Frangopoulos.

"When you make an agreement, you honour it.

"If you unilaterally cancel it and breach confidences, why should anyone ever again trust anything you do or say?"

Neil announced he had resigned from his position as GB New’s chairman and flagship presenter, just last week.

During a return to BBC’s Question Time programme, Neil said he was in a "minority of one" among senior management

He said: "More and more differences emerged between myself and the other senior managers and the board of GB News.

"Rather than these differences narrowing they got wider and wider."

The former BBC presenter, was later asked if the channel had become the British version of Fox News, he added: "Draw your own conclusions about why I'm here and now with GB News."

After the Question Time appearance, GB News issued a statement on Twitter.

It said: "During last night’s BBC Question Time, a number of demonstrably untrue remarks were made about GB News. We stand for fair debate, tolerance, free speech and factual journalism. There are always more than two sides to any story and we believe in listening to all of them."

The channel started this year and saw big names join the team when it launched. Including ITV News journalist Alastair Stewart, BBC journalist Simon McCoy and former Labour MP Gloria De Piero.

However, it is reported that a number of staff have already left the channel.

During the Scotsman’s last time hosting a BBC programme, Mr Sopel who worked along side him when covering the 2020 US President Election, claimed: "Something tells me this isn't the last we've heard about this…"

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